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Classification Code Review

“We encourage everyone to think outside of the box and to design the future of Paralympic Classification together with us.”

The IPC Classification Code was adopted in 2007 and provides rules and procedures for Paralympic classification that should be common to all sports and how classification systems have to become sport-specific and supported by scientific evidence. It was adopted by the IPC Governing Board in 2007 and applies to all sports in the Paralympic Movement.

What is the Code review?

After 6 years of working with the Code, The IPC Governing Board initiated proposed amendments to the Code (and International Standards) in accordance with article 17.6. A review round has been initiated in June 2013, encouraging athletes, IPC member organisations, classifiers and officials, and other interested stakeholders to suggest changes to the current Code.

By contributing to the Code review, stakeholders are at the heart of the future development of Paralympic classification.

Feedback first consultation round

The IPC received more than 750 comments on the Code in total from the first consultation round (June – September 2013). All feedback that was submitted is available in this compiled feedback overview.

The IPC Classification Committee and the IPC Governing Board have considered all feedback and have drafted a first version of the revised Code and International Standards.

Second consultation round 2014

The first draft of the revised Code and International Standards is currently in circulation for a second consultation round until October 2014.

All information, such as the draft Code and International Standards and the feedback template, are available from the links on this page.

The deadline for all feedback is 30 October, 2014.

Following the second consultation round, a revised draft 2 of the Code and International Standard will be produced in the beginning of 2015.

The final version of the revised Code will be presented by the IPC Governing Board as a motion at the 2015 IPC General Assembly (November 2015), and the new Code will take effect on 1 January 2017.

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