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Sport Para athletics
NPC Canada   
Place of BirthDorval, CAN
Height1.88 m
Weight 51 kg
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Type of Impairment
Spinal Cord Injuries
Origin of Impairment
Further Personal Information
Wife Stefanie Reid
Loughborough, ENG
Athlete, Information Technology
English, French
Higher education
University of Texas: Austin, TX, USA
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
A natural athlete, he continued to play sport after his accident at age six. He was first introduced to wheelchair racing by Paralympic champion Andre Viger at age 15.
Why this sport?
"I entered my first race - a local five kilometre event against six or seven other racers. I thought I would win easily but it didn't quite turn out that way. I finished dead last, behind even all the girls. But from that first race onwards, I was hooked. I would play wheelchair basketball during the winter and race during the summer."
Club / Team
Parasports Quebec: Montreal, QC, CAN
Training Regime
He trains in Loughborough, England.
General Interest
Cooking. (, 23 Sep 2015)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning gold in the T53 400m at the 2013 World Championships in Lyon, France. (, 24 Feb 2016)
Most influential person in career
Canadian wheelchair racer Andre Viger. (, 15 Sep 2016)
Hero / Idol
Canadian wheelchair racers Andre Viger and Chantal Petitclerc. (, 26 Apr 2015)
In May 2015 he was hopitalised due to an illness while he was at a grand prix in Arbon, Switzerland. Bad health continued to disrupt his training throughout 2015. (, 24 Feb 2016)
Other sports
He played wheelchair basketball for the University of Texas in the United States of America, and helped the team win the 2002 national title. (, 11 Aug 2012)
Famous relatives
His wife Stefanie Reid represented Great Britain in athletics at the 2012 and 2016 Paralympic Games. His sister competed in swimming for the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL, United States of America. (, 25 Feb 2015;, 09 Sep 2012)
At age six he was involved in a skating accident. The impact of hitting the ice caused a blood clot to form in his spine, which resulted in paralysis. He began participating in Para athletics in 1996 during the northern hemisphere summers but didn't enter any events until 2003, when he became the Canadian champion in the 100m. (, 11 Nov 2010)
Other information
He has a degree in software engineering and works for a US company. Now based in Loughborough, England, he balances morning training sessions with afternoons spent working and communicating with colleagues in the United States of America. "I think I'd go crazy if I wasn't working. I would do my training, then I would come back and I guess I would have to just think about my training for the rest of the day. It might put more pressure on me, it might drive me crazy or make me bored, but with work I get to come home and completely switch gears and think about something else and take my mind off racing." (, 13 Aug 2016)

He and his wife Stefanie Reid competed at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. They agreed to a friendly bet that whoever won a gold medal would not have to wash the dishes. Each won a silver. At the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the pair decided not to repeat the wager as Lakatos was entered more events. "I had more chances to win than her. She didn't want to take that bet this year." (, 09 Sep 2016;, 09 Sep 2012)

Competition Highlights (historical)
Paralympic Games
Rank Year Event Result
21 2004 100m T54 15.33 
21 2004 200m T54 27.76 
4 2004 4 x 100m Relay T53-54 54.10 
8 2004 4 x 400m Relay T53-54 3:23.87 
5 2008 400m T53 50.40
5 2008 200m T53 27.44
6 2008 100m T53 15.21
2 2012 400m T53 50.17
5 2012 100m T53 15.31
2 2012 800m T53 1:41.24
2 2012 200m T53 25.85
Round 1 2012 4 x 400m Relay T53-54 3:17.50
1 2016 100m T53 14.44
2 2016 400m T53 48.53
3 2016 800m T53 1:41.09
3 2016 4 x 400m Relay T53-54 3:08.00
World Championships
Rank Year Event Result
3 2006 100m T53 15.25
4 2006 200m T53 27.26
5 2006 400m T53 53.42
8 2006 800m T53  DNF
6 2006 4 x 100m Relay T53-54 55.78
3 2011 100m T53 15.07
2 2011 200m T53 26.93
1 2013 400m T53 49.02
2 2013 800m T53 1:43.43
1 2013 200m T53 25.46
1 2013 100m T53 14.51
1 2013 4 x 400m Relay T53-54 3:11.33
1 2015 100m T53 14.38
1 2015 200m T53 25.79
2 2015 400m T53 49.45
1 2015 800m T53 1:39.61
5 2017 1500m T54 3:05.07
1 2017 200m T53 25.29
1 2017 400m T53 47.56
1 2017 800m T53 1:40.14
1 2017 100m T53 14.52
Marathon World Championships
Rank Year Event Result
12 2019 Marathon T54 1:38:50