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MAMCZARZ Lukasz Maciej
Sport Para athletics
NPC Poland   
Place of BirthGorzˇw Wielkopolski, POL
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Type of Impairment
Limb deficiency
Origin of Impairment
T63, F63
Further Personal Information
Partner Izabela Wieczorek, one daughter
Gorzˇw Wielkopolski, POL
English, Polish
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
He took up Para athletics in 2009.
Why this sport?
His doctor introduced him to coach Zbigniew Lewkowicz. "The coach suggested I try high jump, because of my physical attributes."
Club / Team
START Gorzow Wielkopolski: Poland
Name of coach
Dariusz Niemczyn [club], POL; Zbigniew Lewkowicz [club], POL
Training Regime
He trains every day. He trains in the morning and does rehabilitation in the evening.
General Interest
Chudy (Athlete, 24 Apr 2012)
Fishing, quad biking. (, 09 Sep 2016)
Most influential person in career
Polish Para high jumper Maciej Lepiato. (Athlete, 24 Apr 2012)
Hero / Idol
Qatari high jumper Mutaz Essa Barshim. (, 19 Jan 2015)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Never give up on your goal just because it takes time to reach it. Time will pass by anyway." (Facebook page, 01 Aug 2018)
To win a gold medal at the 2019 World Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (MrMichalPol YouTube channel, 25 Aug 2018)
He lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident in 2009. (, 01 Nov 2015;, 10 Jun 2013)
Other information
In 2017 he began working with coach Dariusz Niemczyn, and switched his technique to the Fosbury Flop. "Co-operation with the new trainer and the training staff shows that everything is going in the right direction and according to plan. My jumps are now supported by the proper help of the springboard, thanks to which I am getting higher and I can control the whole work on the bar more." (, 24 Feb 2018;, 01 Mar 2018)

He has become friends with teammate Maciej Lepiato through Para athletics. "High jumping connected us, we spent so many years next to each other, we have trained at the same club under the guidance of the same coach, we live in the same city, we just clicked right away and we knew that we were going to be good friends." However, they both admit that they are still rivals when they compete in combined class events. "We are friends, but certainly on field we are rivals, everyone wants to jump higher and to win, but we are like a family." (MrMichalPol YouTube channel, 25 Aug 2018)

Competition Highlights (historical)
Paralympic Games
Rank Year Event Result
3 2012 High Jump F42 1.74
4 2016 High Jump T42 1.77
World Championships
Rank Year Event Result
4 2011 High Jump F42 1.60
3 2013 High Jump T42/44 1.75
3 2015 High Jump T42 1.78
4 2017 High Jump T42 1.65
European Championships
Rank Year Event Result
1 2014 High Jump T42 1.71
1 2016 High Jump T42-44 1.75
2 2018 High Jump T42/44/63/64 1.70