Adecco "Way to Work" programme

Adecco Way to Work Programme

Adecco Way to Work Programme

Adecco Way to Work Programme

Go for the challenge of the Chief Executive’s chair and get a real feel for the responsibility it takes to run a multinational company – all while keeping up with your preparations for the next Paralympic Games!

So do not wait and learn more about The Adecco Group’s CEO for One Month* opportunity! You can apply online to become the CEO for One Month in your country. And if you have got what it takes, you could even earn yourself the position of Global CEO for One Month 2017.

A total of 49 winning candidates will have a front-seat learning opportunity to work alongside Adecco’s leadership. You can be assured that this unique internship is more than getting cups of coffee for the big boss. They provide you with an experience that makes your resumé stand out and you will be well paid to do the job.

The IPC Athlete Career Programme in cooperation with The Adecco Group helps Paralympic athletes find a way to work while training and competing. Why? Because balancing a sports and workplace career can help you become a better athlete and most importantly helps you get ready for life after sports.

Companies seek individuals who have great soft skills that help you train and compete at the highest level but they also need to see your ability to work in a corporate environment. Forty percent of employers cite a lack of experience is the main barrier for entry level vacancies.

Don’t delay! You only have until 21 March and in some countries until 16 April to apply.

What you need to bring:

Language skills: English proficient. Any other language a plus.

Interest in business: Understanding or curiosity about how multinationals work and the world of work.

Core competencies: team player, passionate, curious, analytical, customer focused, entrepreneurial, responsible, eager to learn, open minded.

Soft skills: communicator, emphatic, humorous, persuasive, negotiating skills, innovative, creative, analytical.

Top tips:

Highlight that you are a Paralympian or aspire to become one by competing at the Paralympic Games! Don’t forget to add in your sports, Paralympic or Para athletic achievements near the top of your CV and in your motivation letter. The IPC Athlete Career Programme is delivered in cooperation with The Adecco Group so they know intimately the value your background an elite athlete brings to the workplace.

Highlight the transferrable skills you learned in sport. Do you have a game plan to communicate why you will be a star in both business and sport? Here is a video to help with this and an article describing the most sought after transferrable skills by employers.

Make that CV shine. Everybody knows errors can be costly on your CV, but here are four more helpful hints to get you closer to that dream job. Also look at these insights on impactful action words to be used in your CV.

Get your interview technique on medal winning form. When you are looking for a job, an interview is often your final hurdle. Here’s some top tips to ace this final barrier.

More opportunities to shine:

If you think CEO for One Month does not suit your current career or training plans, look for internship and job opportunities through Adecco Way to WorkTM.

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For any further questions about CEO for One Month and Way to WorkTM, check the FAQ section or send an email to [email protected]

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*The CEO for One Month will be working under the direct supervision of Adecco’s CEO.