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Official website of World Para Athletics

    PI Classifiers

    World Para Athletics welcomes all qualified individuals who would like to participate in PI classification education programmes. Please refer to the calendar below to find out more about the programmes that are currently planned and the corresponding application forms.

    If you are interested in participating in PI classification education programmes but cannot find a programme in your region or for your level of knowledge please fill out the document “WPA Expression of Interest to participate in education programmes”. The World Para Athletics team will review your documentation and, if you are eligible for participation, add your name to a candidate register for future programmes.

    If you have any questions regarding World Para Athletics education programmes, please contact us at ipcsummersports@paralympic.org.

    AT PI Classifier Courses Calendar 2018
    Dates Location Course Type Documents
    tbc tbc tbc tbc
    AT PI Classifier programmes calendar 2017
    Date Location Course type Documents
    17-19 Feb 2017 Canberra (Australia) Level 2 PI Classifier completed
    07-09 April 2017 Tunis (Tunisia) Level 2 PI Classifier completed
    01 - 03 May 2017 Teheran (Iran) Level 2 PI Classifier completed
    07 - 09 May 2017 Beijing (China) Level 2 PI Classifier completed
    11-13 June Colombo (Sri Lanka) Level 2 PI Classifier completed
    30 de agosto – 01 septiembre Santiago (Chile) Level 2 PI Classifier completed
    01 - 04 October 2017 Grünheide (Germany) Level2 PI Classifier Completed
    25 - 27 November 2017 Singapore Level 2 PI Classifier completed
    17 - 19 December 2017 Ghandinagar (India) Level 2 PI Classifier full
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