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Official website of World Para Athletics

    NPC Overview - Serbia

    Men's Club Throw F51
    Men's Discus Throw F56
    Men's Javelin Throw F55
    Men's Long Jump T47
    Men's Shot Put F55
    Men's 400m T47
    Men's Club Throw F51
    Men's Discus Throw F11
    Men's Discus Throw F12
    Men's Javelin Throw F13
    Men's Javelin Throw F54
    Men's Shot Put F54
    SerbiaSOKOLOV Saska
    Women's Javelin Throw F46
    M W Total Sport & NPC
    11 1 12 Click To See Details
    Total 11 1 12  
    Mon, 20 Aug

    Wed, 22 Aug

    Thu, 23 Aug

    Fri, 24 Aug

    Sat, 25 Aug

    Sun, 26 Aug

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