World Para Dance Sport Championships
29 November-1 December


The City


Germany's former capital Bonn, situated on the banks of the Rhine, is rich in history and has stood the test of time. The city dates back to the 12 BC Roman settlement Castra Bonnensia and is considered as one of Germany’s oldest cities.

It is also the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, Germany’s greatest composer of classical music. Beethoven House, now a museum and memorial site of the late composer, is a must visit to explore his works and life in Bonn.

Bonn has some significant museums - Museumsmeile, dedicated to art, history, science and technology. Museum Koenig also speaks volumes about the natural history and world’s complex ecosystems.

The spring also draws in a lot of tourist to Bonn to witness the Japanese cherry blossom trees that line the streets of Bonn’s old town Heerstraße. Walking through the pink and purple tunnel is simply a dream.

The city is also famous for its wines. Winemakers of the valley primarily cultivate Pinot Noir and Portugais Bleu grapes. The backdrop is enchanting and perfect for hiking. And when you are tired,  you can stop along the way for some wine tastings.

The Venue

The Venue for the Bonn 2019 World Para Dance Sport Championships is Hardtberghalle Bonn, Gaußstraße 1, 53125 Bonn Germany.



The Tickets

To find out how you can get your free tickets for the Bonn 2019 World Para Dance Sport Championships, please visit EVENTBRITE page.