International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Honorary Board gathered for the second time at the IPC Headquarters in Bonn

Second IPC Honorary Board Meeting in Bonn 03 Sep 2009 By IPC

Bonn, Germany – Today, members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Honorary Board gathered for the second time at the IPC Headquarters in Bonn, Germany.

A total of five Board Members attended, including Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Astrid of Belgium, HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, Soprano Maria Guleghina, business woman and lifelong Paralympic Sport supporter Thérèse Rein and former World Bank President James Wolfensohn.

The IPC Honorary Board utilized the opportunity together in Bonn to discuss their goals and future steps in helping to develop the Paralympic Movement, conduct advocacy to achieve equality for persons with a disability, and increase the awareness and profile of the Paralympic Movement.

The meeting was led by IPC President Sir Philip Craven, with IPC Vice President Miguel Sagarra and IPC CEO Xavier Gonzalez also in attendance.

Sir Philip said that having the IPC Honorary Board in Bonn again was a testament to their interest in promoting the Paralympic Movement. “Each member of the IPC Honorary Board has clearly demonstrated their desire to support the Paralympic Movement, Paralympic Sport, as well as the rights of people with a disability on a global scale,” Sir Philip said. “Each Board Member will take this back to their respective community, coupling it with the Paralympic Values of Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality.”

The meeting comes just one day before the official 10/20 Anniversary of the IPC, which celebrates the 10-Year Anniversary of the IPC Bonn Headquarters, and the 20-Year Anniversary of the IPC.

The IPC, as the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement, decided in 2003 to create an Honorary Board to allow leaders of society an opportunity to support the vision of the Paralympic Movement. Honorary Board Members assist the IPC in creating opportunities for raising awareness and funding, through the member’s network of contacts and sphere of influence.

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Notes to the Editor:

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement. The IPC organizes the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games, and serves as the International Federation for nine sports, for which it supervises and co-ordinates the World Championships and other competitions. The IPC is committed to enabling Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence and to developing sport opportunities for all persons with a disability from the beginner to elite level. In addition, the IPC aims to promote the Paralympic values, which include courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

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