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    Alpine Skiing | Athlete Profile: Andrea ROTHFUSS - Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

    Athlete Profile - Andrea ROTHFUSS

    Andrea ROTHFUSS
    Birth Date:  20 Oct 1989
    Age:  28
    Gender:   Female


    Andrea ROTHFUSS - Schedule

    Start Time Event Status
    Wed, 7 Mar 10:00EST
    Women's Downhill, Standing 1st Training Run
    Sat, 10 Mar 9:47EST
    Women's Downhill, Standing
    Sun, 11 Mar 9:52EST
    Women's Super-G, Standing
    Tue, 13 Mar 10:05EST
    Women's Super Combined, Standing Super-G
    Tue, 13 Mar 15:22EST
    Women's Super Combined, Standing Slalom
    Wed, 14 Mar Followed by
    Women's Giant Slalom, Standing Run 1
    Wed, 14 Mar Followed by
    Women's Giant Slalom, Standing Run 2
    Sun, 18 Mar 10:00EST
    Women's Slalom, Standing Run 1
    Sun, 18 Mar 12:47EST
    Women's Slalom, Standing Run 2


    EST: Estimated Start Time

    Biographical Information

    Paralympic Games
    1Slalom, Standing2014Sochi, RUS1:59.85
    2Giant Slalom, Standing2014Sochi, RUS2:39.70
    2Super Combined, Standing2014Sochi, RUS2:22.74
    2Slalom, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:58.35
    2Giant Slalom, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CAN2:41.60
    2Giant Slalom, Standing2006Turin, ITA1:59.42
    3Downhill, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:30.58
    3Super-G, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:32.47
    4Slalom, Standing2006Turin, ITA1:35.76
    5Super-G, Standing2006Turin, ITA1:19.49
    DNFDownhill, Standing2014Sochi, RUSDNF
    DNFSuper-G, Standing2014Sochi, RUSDNF
    DNFSuper Combined, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CANDNF
    World Championships
    1Slalom, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA1:36.51
    1Giant Slalom, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA2:22.42
    1Downhill, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA1:29.62
    1Slalom, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA1:39.98
    2Downhill, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA1:17.91
    2Super Combined, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA2:03.13
    2Downhill, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CAN1:36.83
    2Giant Slalom, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CAN2:14.04
    2Super-G, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CAN1:28.83
    2Super Combined, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CAN2:09.58
    2Downhill, Standing2013La Molina, ESP1:37.23
    2Slalom, Standing2013La Molina, ESP2:11.80
    2Giant Slalom, Standing2013La Molina, ESP2:22.95
    2Super Combined, Standing2013La Molina, ESP1:57.25
    2Super Combined, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA2:22.28
    3Super-G, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA1:10.93
    3Giant Slalom, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA2:24.99
    3Super-G, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA1:26.48
    3Downhill, Standing2009Pyeongchang, KOR2:00.66
    3Slalom, Standing2009Pyeongchang, KOR1:52.57
    3Giant Slalom, Standing2009Pyeongchang, KOR2:25.18
    3Super Combined, Standing2009Pyeongchang, KOR2:06.06
    4Super-G, Standing2009Pyeongchang, KOR1:07.11
    DNFSlalom, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CANDNF
    DSQSuper-G, Standing2013La Molina, ESPDSQ
    Nickname Andi (VANOC, 21 Mar 2010)
    Education Sociology
    Languages spoken English, German
    Club name VSG Mitteltal-Obertal [Germany]
    Coach Justus Wolf [national] (dbs-npc.de, 25 Jan 2017)
    Debut 2004 for Germany, in Steamboat Springs, CO, United States of America (VANOC, 21 Mar 2010)
    Injuries She missed the end of the 2015/16 season due to a broken left ankle. She returned to training in September 2016. (Facebook page, 20 Feb 2016; zvw.de, 16 Feb 2017)
    Start She joined Skiclub Lossburg in Germany at age six. (zvw.de, 15 Jul 2016)
    Reason Her parents got her involved in the sport. (bkz-online.de, 10 Feb 2014)
    Ambition To win a gold medal at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (zvw.de, 16 Feb 2017)
    Memorable Achievement Winning gold in the slalom and silver in the giant slalom at the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi. (zvw.de, 16 Feb 2017)
    Hero German alpine skier Katja Seizinger. (sporthilfe.de, 04 Feb 2014)
    Awards In 2014 she received the Silbernes Lorbeerblatt [Silver Laurel Leaf] in Germany. (bundespraesident.de, 05 May 2014)

    She was chosen as Germany's flag bearer for the opening ceremony of the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. (paralympic.org, 07 Mar 2014)

    She was named 2011 Sportswoman of the Year in Freudenstadt, Germany. (Facebook page, 31 Jul 2016)

    She was named 2009 Female Para Athlete of the Year in Germany. (tagesspiegel.de, 13 Nov 2009)
    Additional information

    LW6/8-2 (IPC, 18 Feb 2018)

    Type of Impairment
    Limb deficiency (zvw.de, 16 Feb 2017)

    Origin of Impairment
    Congenital (zvw.de, 16 Feb 2017)

    Impairment Details
    She was born without a left hand. (zvw.de, 16 Feb 2017)

    Social Media


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