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    Alpine Skiing | Athlete Profile: Markus SALCHER - Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

    Athlete Profile - Markus SALCHER

    Markus SALCHER
    Birth Date:  01 Jun 1991
    Age:  26
    Gender:   Male


    Markus SALCHER - Schedule

    Start Time Event Status
    Wed, 7 Mar 11:30EST
    Men's Downhill, Standing 1st Training Run
    Sat, 10 Mar 11:07EST
    Men's Downhill, Standing
    Sun, 11 Mar 11:32EST
    Men's Super-G, Standing
    Tue, 13 Mar 11:50EST
    Men's Super Combined, Standing Super-G
    Wed, 14 Mar Followed by
    Men's Giant Slalom, Standing Run 1
    Wed, 14 Mar Followed by
    Men's Giant Slalom, Standing Run 2


    DNF: Did not finish
    EST: Estimated Start Time

    Biographical Information

    Paralympic Games
    1Downhill, Standing2014Sochi, RUS1:24.35
    1Super-G, Standing2014Sochi, RUS1:20.92
    3Giant Slalom, Standing2014Sochi, RUS2:28.14
    8Super-G, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:23.68
    9Super Combined, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CAN2:19.72
    20Slalom, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:54.39
    DNFGiant Slalom, Standing2010Vancouver, BC, CANDNF
    World Championships
    1Downhill, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA1:12.22
    1Super-G, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA1:03.88
    1Downhill, Standing2013La Molina, ESP1:29.74
    1Super-G, Standing2013La Molina, ESP1:12.49
    2Giant Slalom, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CAN2:02.16
    2Super Combined, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CAN1:56.94
    3Super Combined, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA1:53.81
    4Super-G, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CAN1:22.45
    5Downhill, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA1:24.48
    6Downhill, Standing2015Panorama, BC, CAN1:33.64
    6Giant Slalom, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA2:16.04
    7Giant Slalom, Standing2017Tarvisio, ITA2:17.60
    8Giant Slalom, Standing2013La Molina, ESP2:15.65
    9Super-G, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA1:23.73
    9Super Combined, Standing2011Sestriere, ITA2:15.60
    11Super Combined, Standing2013La Molina, ESP1:50.82
    DNSSlalom, Standing2011Sestriere, ITADNS
    Hobbies Playing squash, biking, swimming, spending time with friends. (markussalcher.at, 01 Jun 2017; paralympic.org, 26 Dec 2016)
    Occupation Customs Officer
    Education Media and Communications - University of Klagenfurt, Austria
    Languages spoken English, German
    Club name SV Tropolach [Austria]
    Coach Eric Digruber [national] (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Sporting/Famous relatives His father was a coach of the Austria alpine skiing team at the 2006 Paralympic Winter Games in Turin. His brother Moritz has competed in alpine skiing at club level in Austria. (meinbezirk.at, 21 Jan 2014; paralympic.org, 10 Oct 2013)
    Debut 2007 for Austria, in Abtenau, Austria (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Injuries In 2008 he broke the tibia bone in his right leg. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    National team 2010 (paralympic.org, 10 Oct 2013)
    Start He first tried skiing at age two in Nassfeld, Austria. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Reason "My family is a very much into skiing and my dad was trainer of the local skiing team." (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Ambition To win a medal at the 2018 Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, and to complete his studies in media and communications. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018; hasslacher.com, 01 Apr 2017)
    Training He trains at the Olympic Training Centre in Klagenfurt, Austria. (paralympic.org, 12 Dec 2016)
    Memorable Achievement Winning titles at the World Cup. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Hero Austrian alpine skier Matthias Mayer. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Influence His father. (paralympic.org, 10 Oct 2013)
    Philosophy "Every success starts with the decision to try." (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Awards He was named Male Para Athlete of the Year in Austria in 2014 and 2017. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018; paralympic.org, 31 Oct 2014)

    He was flag bearer for Austria at the closing ceremony of the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. (sochi2014.com, 15 Mar 2014)

    He was named Athlete of the Month for January 2014 by the International Paralympic Committee [IPC]. (paralympic.org, 11 Feb 2014)
    Additional information

    LW9-1 (IPC, 18 Feb 2018)

    Origin of Impairment
    Congenital (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)

    Impairment Details
    He was born with hemiplegia due to a lack of oxygen at birth. The condition affects the right side of his body. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018; paralympic.org, 10 Oct 2013; voelk.com, 25 Apr 2012)

    In 2017 he began serving as an ambassador for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)

    For six months of the year he works at an airport, checking luggage for banned substances. (paralympic.org, 26 Dec 2016)

    Social Media


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