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    Alpine Skiing | Athlete Profile: Jakub KRAKO - Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

    Athlete Profile - Jakub KRAKO

    Jakub KRAKO
    Birth Date:  07 Jul 1990
    Age:  27
    Gender:   Male


    Jakub KRAKO - Schedule

    Start Time Event Status
    Wed, 7 Mar 11:00EST
    Men's Downhill, Visually Impaired 1st Training Run
    Sat, 10 Mar 10:47EST
    Men's Downhill, Visually Impaired
    Sun, 11 Mar 11:02EST
    Men's Super-G, Visually Impaired
    Tue, 13 Mar 11:15EST
    Men's Super Combined, Visually Impaired Super-G
    Tue, 13 Mar 16:02EST
    Men's Super Combined, Visually Impaired Slalom
    Wed, 14 Mar Followed by
    Men's Giant Slalom, Visually Impaired Run 1
    Wed, 14 Mar Followed by
    Men's Giant Slalom, Visually Impaired Run 2
    Sat, 17 Mar 9:30
    Men's Slalom, Visually Impaired Run 1
    Sat, 17 Mar 14:00
    Men's Slalom, Visually Impaired Run 2


    DSQ: Disqualified
    EST: Estimated Start Time

    Biographical Information

    Paralympic Games
    1Super-G, Visually Impaired2014Sochi, RUS1:20.58
    1Slalom, Visually Impaired2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:45.82
    1Giant Slalom, Visually Impaired2010Vancouver, BC, CAN2:41.99
    1Super Combined, Visually Impaired2010Vancouver, BC, CAN2:14.61
    2Giant Slalom, Visually Impaired2014Sochi, RUS2:31.66
    2Super-G, Visually Impaired2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:21.71
    4Downhill, Visually Impaired2014Sochi, RUS1:23.38
    4Downhill, Visually Impaired2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:20.84
    6Super-G, Visually Impaired2006Turin, ITA1:35.58
    14Slalom, Visually Impaired2006Turin, ITADNF
    DNFSlalom, Visually Impaired2014Sochi, RUSDNF
    DNFSuper Combined, Visually Impaired2014Sochi, RUSDNF
    World Championships
    1Slalom, Visually Impaired2011Sestriere, ITA1:28.83
    1Slalom, Visually Impaired2009Pyeongchang, KOR1:41.96
    2Super-G, Visually Impaired2017Tarvisio, ITA1:05.22
    2Giant Slalom, Visually Impaired2011Sestriere, ITA2:12.10
    2Super Combined, Visually Impaired2011Sestriere, ITA2:08.36
    2Giant Slalom, Visually Impaired2009Pyeongchang, KOR2:17.36
    2Super Combined, Visually Impaired2009Pyeongchang, KOR1:56.15
    3Slalom, Visually Impaired2017Tarvisio, ITA1:29.60
    3Super Combined, Visually Impaired2017Tarvisio, ITA1:52.28
    4Downhill, Visually Impaired2017Tarvisio, ITA1:12.72
    4Giant Slalom, Visually Impaired2013La Molina, ESP2:16.76
    4Super-G, Visually Impaired2011Sestriere, ITA1:21.94
    5Slalom, Visually Impaired2013La Molina, ESP2:01.47
    5Downhill, Visually Impaired2011Sestriere, ITA1:25.11
    5Downhill, Visually Impaired2009Pyeongchang, KOR1:47.98
    6Super-G, Visually Impaired2009Pyeongchang, KOR1:02.26
    7Giant Slalom, Visually Impaired2015Panorama, BC, CAN2:15.13
    10Super-G, Visually Impaired2013La Molina, ESP1:15.34
    12Super-G, Visually Impaired2015Panorama, BC, CAN1:36.81
    14Downhill, Visually Impaired2013La Molina, ESP1:32.31
    DNFSuper Combined, Visually Impaired2013La Molina, ESPDNF
    DNSGiant Slalom, Visually Impaired2017Tarvisio, ITADNS
    Education Business - University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia
    Family One son [2018]
    Languages spoken English, German, Slovak
    Coach Roman Petrik [national] (spv.sk, 21 Sep 2017)
    Debut 2004 for Slovakia, in Austria (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)

    He suffered an injury to his left knee at the 2015 NorAm Cup in Kimberley, BC, Canada. Doctors advised him the injury was not serious and he went on to compete the following week at the 2015 World Championships in Panorama, BC, Canada. On his return to Slovakia an MRI scan showed he had torn a ligament at the front of the knee. He underwent surgery in June 2015, and did not return to the slopes until July 2016. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018; paralympic.org, 06 Jun 2017; spv.sk, 23 Mar 2016; paralympic.org, 05 Nov 2015) 

    Start He began skiing in 1998 at the Remata ski resort in Raztocno, Slovakia. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Reason "It is fast and dangerous, so why not?" (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)
    Philosophy "Go as fast as possible, and then faster." (Athlete, 08 Mar 2014)
    Awards He was flag bearer for Slovakia at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. (sportky.zoznam.sk, 07 Mar 2014)
    Additional information

    B2 (IPC, 18 Feb 2018)

    Type of Impairment
    Vision impairment (IPC, 10 Feb 2018)

    Origin of Impairment
    Congenital (Athlete, 08 Mar 2014)

    Impairment Details
    He has Stargardt disease, an inherited condition that affects vision. (IPC, 10 Feb 2018; Athlete, 08 Mar 2014)

    Branislav Brozman (paralympic.org, 21 Dec 2017)

    Social Media


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