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    Alpine Skiing | Athlete Profile: Laurie STEPHENS - Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

    Athlete Profile - Laurie STEPHENS

    Laurie STEPHENS
    Birth Date:  05 Mar 1984
    Age:  34
    Gender:   Female


    Laurie STEPHENS - Schedule

    Start Time Event Status
    Wed, 7 Mar 10:30EST
    Women's Downhill, Sitting 1st Training Run
    Sat, 10 Mar 10:17EST
    Women's Downhill, Sitting
    Sun, 11 Mar 10:32EST
    Women's Super-G, Sitting
    Tue, 13 Mar 10:40EST
    Women's Super Combined, Sitting Super-G
    Tue, 13 Mar 15:42EST
    Women's Super Combined, Sitting Slalom
    Wed, 14 Mar Followed by
    Women's Giant Slalom, Sitting Run 1
    Wed, 14 Mar Followed by
    Women's Giant Slalom, Sitting Run 2
    Sun, 18 Mar 10:30EST
    Women's Slalom, Sitting Run 1
    Sun, 18 Mar 13:07EST
    Women's Slalom, Sitting Run 2


    EST: Estimated Start Time

    Biographical Information

    Paralympic Games
    1Downhill, Sitting2006Turin, ITA1:46.86
    1Super-G, Sitting2006Turin, ITA1:33.88
    2Downhill, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:28.26
    2Giant Slalom, Sitting2006Turin, ITA2:25.95
    3Downhill, Sitting2014Sochi, RUS1:36.94
    3Super-G, Sitting2014Sochi, RUS1:32.09
    4Slalom, Sitting2014Sochi, RUS2:18.45
    4Super-G, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN1:38.38
    5Slalom, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN2:28.89
    5Giant Slalom, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN3:09.16
    5Super Combined, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN2:53.01
    6Giant Slalom, Sitting2014Sochi, RUS3:04.90
    7Slalom, Sitting2006Turin, ITA2:26.64
    DNSSuper Combined, Sitting2014Sochi, RUSDNS
    World Championships
    1Downhill, Sitting2013La Molina, ESP1:41.07
    2Downhill, Sitting2011Sestriere, ITA1:33.05
    2Super-G, Sitting2011Sestriere, ITA1:28.66
    2Giant Slalom LW10-122004Wildschonau, AUT2:41.30
    3Super Combined, Sitting2015Panorama, BC, CAN2:17.78
    3Super-G, Sitting2013La Molina, ESP1:23.33
    3Super Combined, Sitting2011Sestriere, ITA2:42.68
    4Super-G, Sitting2017Tarvisio, ITA1:15.99
    4Downhill, Sitting2015Panorama, BC, CAN1:47.53
    5Slalom, Sitting2017Tarvisio, ITA1:44.18
    5Super Combined, Sitting2017Tarvisio, ITA2:21.36
    5Slalom, Sitting2015Panorama, BC, CAN2:28.45
    5Giant Slalom, Sitting2015Panorama, BC, CAN2:33.02
    5Super Combined, Sitting2013La Molina, ESP2:20.62
    6Giant Slalom, Sitting2017Tarvisio, ITA2:39.49
    7Slalom LW10-122004Wildschonau, AUT2:00.83
    7Super-G LW10-122004Wildschonau, AUT1:55.86
    DNFDownhill, Sitting2017Tarvisio, ITADNF
    DNFSuper-G, Sitting2015Panorama, BC, CANDNF
    DNFSlalom, Sitting2013La Molina, ESPDNF
    DNFGiant Slalom, Sitting2013La Molina, ESPDNF
    DNFGiant Slalom, Sitting2011Sestriere, ITADNF
    DNFDownhill LW10-122004Wildschonau, AUTDNF
    Hobbies Reading, knitting. (teamusa.org, 19 Dec 2017)
    Occupation Athlete
    Education Recreation Management - University of New Hampshire, United States of America
    Languages spoken English
    Other sports She has competed in Para swimming and previously held two US records in the sport. (teamusa.org, Mar 2014)
    Start She began the sport at age 12 at Loon Mountain, NH, United States of America, and took up racing at about age 15. (teamusa.org, Mar 2014)
    Reason She first tried the sport with a group of athletes with impairments. (teamusa.org, Mar 2014)
    Ambition To compete at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (paralympic.org, 23 Jan 2015)
    Awards She was named 2006 Paralympic Sportswoman of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee [USOC]. (teamusa.org, 07 Mar 2018)
    Additional information

    LW12-1 (IPC, 18 Feb 2018)

    Type of Impairment
    Spinal Cord Injuries (usparalympics.org, 13 Dec 2010)

    Origin of Impairment
    Congenital (usparalympics.org, 13 Dec 2010)

    Impairment Details
    She was born with spina bifida. (usparalympics.org, 13 Dec 2010)

    Social Media


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