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    Cross-Country Skiing | Athlete Profile: Andrea ESKAU - Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

    Athlete Profile - Andrea ESKAU

    Andrea ESKAU
    Birth Date:  21 Mar 1971
    Age:  47
    Gender:   Female


    Andrea ESKAU - Schedule

    Start Time Event Status
    Sun, 11 Mar 11:15
    Women's 12km, Sitting
    Wed, 14 Mar 10:17
    Women's 1.1km Sprint, Sitting Qualification
    Wed, 14 Mar 12:10
    Women's 1.1km Sprint, Sitting Semifinal 1
    Wed, 14 Mar 13:20
    Women's 1.1km Sprint, Sitting Final
    Sat, 17 Mar 13:00
    Women's 5km, Sitting
    Sun, 18 Mar 10:00
    4x2.5km Mixed Relay

    Biographical Information

    Paralympic Games
    16km, Sitting2014Sochi, RUS20:26.0
    310km, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN40:19.4
    62.4km Pursuit, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN
    712.5km, Sitting2014Sochi, RUS47:08.8
    DNF10km, Sitting2014Sochi, RUSDNF
    World Championships
    112.5km, Sitting2013Solleftea, SWE48:03.6
    110km, Sitting2011Khanty-Mansiysk, RUS39:50.8
    310km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER36:48.5
    36km, Sitting2015Cable, WI, USA22:48.8
    32.4km Pursuit, Sitting2011Khanty-Mansiysk, RUS13:44.4
    37.5km, Sitting2011Khanty-Mansiysk, RUS25:38.0
    46km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER23:15.0
    412.5km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER48:36.9
    410km, Sitting2013Solleftea, SWE41:06.5
    610km, Sitting2015Cable, WI, USA40:29.5
    DNF6km, Sitting2013Solleftea, SWEDNF

    Paralympic Games
    15km, Sitting2014Sochi, RUS17:10.4
    25km, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN16:09.6
    54x2.5km Mixed Relay2014Sochi, RUS28:22.8
    61km Sprint, Sitting2014Sochi, RUSDSQ
    61km Sprint, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN
    810km, Sitting2010Vancouver, BC, CAN35:55.3
    DNF12km, Sitting2014Sochi, RUSDNF
    World Championships
    11km Sprint, Sitting2015Cable, WI, USA
    15km, Sitting2015Cable, WI, USA16:02.3
    112km, Sitting2015Cable, WI, USA40:14.9
    15km, Sitting2013Solleftea, SWE14:29.5
    110km, Sitting2013Solleftea, SWE38:50.0
    11km Sprint, Sitting2011Khanty-Mansiysk, RUS
    21km Sprint, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER
    25km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER14:30.5
    312km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER37:00.0
    34x2.5km Mixed Relay2013Solleftea, SWE29:19.0
    310km, Sitting2011Khanty-Mansiysk, RUS27:49.6
    44x2.5km Mixed Relay2017Finsterau, GER28:49.3
    54x2.5km Mixed Relay2015Cable, WI, USA33:11.0
    55km, Sitting2011Khanty-Mansiysk, RUS14:06.8
    91km Sprint, Sitting2013Solleftea, SWE
    Nickname Tigerin (tlz.de, 08 Dec 2015)
    Occupation Psychologist
    Education Psychology
    Languages spoken German, Russian, English
    Club name USC Magdeburg [Germany]
    Coach Ralf Rombach [national], GER (Athlete, 08 Mar 2018)
    Other sports She competed in road cycling at the Paralympic Games in 2008, 2012, and 2016, winning a total of four gold medals and one silver medal. She participated in both biathlon and cross-country skiing at the Paralympic Winter Games in 2010 and 2014. (paralympic.org, 2017)
    Debut 2010 for Germany (Athlete, 08 Mar 2018)
    Injuries She pulled out of the 12km race after she had already started the event due to breathing problems at the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. She recovered in time to compete in further races in Sochi. (paralympic.org, 09 Mar 2014)

    During the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing she suffered an asthma attack for the first time in her life and spent several days in hospital recovering. (volksstimme.de, 10 Oct 2009)
    Start She began competing in Para Nordic skiing in 2009. (adreaeskau.de, 01 Feb 2011)
    Reason She loves sport and says she was attracted by both the equipment used in Para sports and the opportunities to succeed. "I was fascinated from the start." (Athlete, 08 Mar 2018; adreaeskau.de, 01 Feb 2011)
    Ambition To compete at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (andreaeskau.de, 2016)
    Memorable Achievement Winning nine medals [including six gold] at the Paralympic Games between 2008 and 2014, and claiming 27 world championship titles. (Athlete, 08 Mar 2018)
    Hero Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjorndalen. (Athlete, 08 Mar 2018)
    Influence Her coaches. (Athlete, 08 Mar 2018)
    Philosophy "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough" [Mario Andretti]. (sportschau.de, 08 Jan 2018)
    Additional information Classification
    LW11 (IPC, 18 Feb 2018)

    Type of Impairment
    Spinal Cord Injuries (Athlete, 08 Mar 2018)

    Origin of Impairment
    Acquired (Athlete, 08 Mar 2018)

    Impairment Details
    She sustained spinal cord injuries in a cycling accident in 1998. (zdf.de, 27 Feb 2016)

    As well as working as a psychologist, she has also served as the director of the Department of Sports for the Impaired at the Federal Institute of Sport Science in Cologne, Germany. (andreaeskau.de, 30 Sep 2016; zdfsport.de, 27 Feb 2016; wiss-netz.de, 01 Jun 2016)

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