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    NPC Entries Neutral Paralympic Athletes - Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games

    Neutral Paralympic Athletes NPC Entries - Neutral Paralympic Athletes

    Discipline F M Total
    Alpine Skiing 3 6 9
    Biathlon 13 0 13
    Cross-Country Skiing 13 0 13
    Snowboard 0 3 3
    Wheelchair Curling 1 4 5
    Total 30 13 43
    Discipline Name Event Medals
    Aleksei BUGAEV
    Men's Super Combined, Standing Gold
    Aleksei BUGAEV
    Men's Giant Slalom, Standing Silver
    Men's Slalom, Visually Impaired Bronze
    Men's Super Combined, Visually Impaired Bronze
    Women's 10km, Standing Gold
    Women's 12.5km, Standing Gold
    Women's 12.5km, Visually Impaired Gold
    Women's 6km, Standing Gold
    Women's 6km, Visually Impaired Gold
    Women's 10km, Sitting Silver
    Women's 10km, Standing Silver
    Women's 10km, Visually Impaired Silver
    Women's 12.5km, Standing Silver
    Women's 6km, Standing Silver
    Women's 10km, Sitting Bronze
    Women's 1.5km Sprint Classic, Standing Gold
    Women's 15km Free, Standing Gold
    Women's 1.5km Sprint Classic, Vis Imp Silver
    Women's 15km Free, Standing Silver
    Women's 7.5km Classic, Standing Silver
    Women's 7.5km Classic, Visually Imp Silver
    Women's 1.1km Sprint, Sitting Bronze
    Women's 15km Free, Visually Imp Bronze
    Women's 5km, Sitting Bronze
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