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    NPC Overview - New Zealand

    Athletics Athletics
    Men's 200m - T44
    Men's 400m - T44
    Women's Long Jump - T47
    Men's 100m - T44
    Women's Javelin Throw - F46
    Men's 400m - T36
    Men's 800m - T36
    Men's Javelin Throw - F44
    Women's Shot Put - F34
    Cycling Road Cycling Road
    Women's Road Race B
    Cycling Track Cycling Track
    Women's B 3000m Individual Pursuit
    Swimming Swimming
    New ZealandLESLIE Cameron
    Men's 150m Individual Medley - SM4
    New ZealandPASCOE Sophie
    Women's 100m Backstroke - S10
    New ZealandFISHER Mary
    Women's 100m Backstroke - S11
    New ZealandPASCOE Sophie
    Women's 100m Butterfly - S10
    New ZealandPASCOE Sophie
    Women's 200m Individual Medley - SM10
    New ZealandHOWARTH Nikita
    Women's 200m Individual Medley - SM7
    New ZealandPASCOE Sophie
    Women's 100m Freestyle - S10
    New ZealandPASCOE Sophie
    Women's 50m Freestyle - S10
    Women's 100m Backstroke - S7
    New ZealandHOWARTH Nikita
    Women's 50m Butterfly - S7
    Sport M W Total Sport & NPC
    Athletics Athletics 4 4 8 Click for details
    Canoe Canoe 1 0 1 Click for details
    Cycling Road Cycling Road 2 3 5 Click for details
    Cycling Track Cycling Track 1 3 4 Click for details
    Sailing Sailing 3 0 3 Click for details
    Shooting Shooting 3 0 3 Click for details
    Swimming Swimming 3 5 8 Click for details
    Total 17 15 32  
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    Mon, 12 Sep

    Tue, 13 Sep

    Wed, 14 Sep

    Thu, 15 Sep

    Fri, 16 Sep

    Sat, 17 Sep

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