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Poland at the Paralympic Games

Region: Europe
Participated: 1972-2018
Athlete with most gold medals (Summer Games): PAWLOWSKI Arkadiusz 10 gold, 3 silver, 5 bronze (1980-2000) [→ show more]
Athlete with most gold medals (Winter Games): KOS Marcin 4 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze (1988-1994) [→ show more]
Sport with most gold medals: Swimming (114 gold medals)

Medals By Sport - Summer Games

Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Basketball ID0011
Table Tennis89522
Wheelchair Fencing10121032
Total medals (Summer Games) 262 259 208 729

Medals By Sport - Winter Games

Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Alpine Skiing0088
Total medals (Winter Games) 11 6 28 45

Medals By Year

Games Gold Silver Bronze Total
1972 Heidelberg (Summer Games)1412733
1976 Toronto (Summer Games)24171253
1980 Arnhem (Summer Games)755052177
1984 Innsbruck (Winter Games)32813
1984 Stoke Mandeville (GBR), New York (USA) (Summer Games)463921106
1988 Innsbruck (Winter Games)1168
1988 Seoul (Summer Games)23253381
1992 Albertville (Winter Games)2035
1992 Barcelona (Summer Games)10121032
1994 Lillehammer (Winter Games)23510
1996 Atlanta (Summer Games)1314835
1998 Nagano (Winter Games)0022
2000 Sydney (Summer Games)19221253
2002 Salt Lake City (Winter Games)1023
2004 Athens (Summer Games)10251954
2006 Torino (Winter Games)2002
2008 Beijing (Summer Games)5121330
2010 Vancouver (Winter Games)0011
2012 London (Summer Games)1413936
2016 Rio de Janeiro (Summer Games)9181239
2018 Pyeongchang (Winter Games)0011
Total medals (Summer & Winter Games) 273 265 236 774

Recent Medals - Summer Games

Recent Medals - Winter Games

All-Time Participants - Summer Games

Games Men Women Total
1972 Heidelberg121022
1976 Toronto231437
1980 Arnhem503080
1984 Stoke Mandeville (GBR), New York (USA)25934
1988 Seoul39746
1992 Barcelona36440
1996 Atlanta491261
2000 Sydney8627113
2004 Athens7034104
2008 Beijing603494
2012 London643599
2016 Rio de Janeiro543690

All-Time Participants - Winter Games

Games Men Women Total
1976 Ornskoldsvik707
1984 Innsbruck12416
1988 Innsbruck14418
1992 Albertville11213
1994 Lillehammer12315
1998 Nagano19726
2002 Salt Lake City9514
2006 Torino7310
2010 Vancouver9312
2014 Sochi707
2018 Pyeongchang617


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