Para snowboard is governed by World Para Snowboard who act as the International Federation.

The full rules and regulations for the sport can be found in the table below.

Document Name Latest Update
WPSB Rules and Regulations 2019/2020 (Draft) 18 July 2019
WPSB SBX Team Event Rules (Draft) 18 December 2018
WPSB Equipment Rules 2018/2019 19 September 2018
WPSB Qualification Criteria 2018/2019 15 August 2018
WPSB Race Points Calculation System 2018/2019 26 October 2018
WPSB Licensing Programme 2019/2020 15 July 2018
Commercial Markings on Clothing and Equipment 31 July 2018
WPSB Points List Publishing Dates July 2019
NPCs widely and regularly practising Para Snowboard July 2019