Paralympic School Day

Paralympic School Day is an IPC educational programme that aims to create awareness and understanding in schools about persons with an impairment. A Paralympic School Day kit contains a set of activities and background information, which can be used to educate children and youth about Paralympic sport, individual differences and disability issues in a fun and playful environment.

Created by specialists in Paralympic sport, disability and pedagogy, the kit provides the skills, knowledge and resources to conduct a successful Paralympic School Day. It mainly consists of a Paralympic School Day manual and a series of activity cards.

Please note that some of the activity cards suggest making use of resources from a PSD DVD, which is now out of print. Basically, the DVD contained all the materials that are now available on this website, plus a few video clips. Nevertheless, you can find lots of video material here at to demonstrate the individual sports and athletes.

Disability awareness is something that can be included in lesson plans throughout the year. The IPC would like to encourage teachers to participate in the Paralympic School Day programme, and thereby joining schools worldwide to foster awareness and positive attitudes in your students towards people with an impairment and to work for the full integration of students with an impairment in the classroom.

All materials are available for download here:

Respect for sporting achievement

1 Athletics: Practicing Athletics (track and field) skills

2 Boccia: Practicing Boccia skills

3 Goalball: Practicing Goalball skills

4 Sitting Volleyball: Practicing Sitting Volleyball skills

5 Wheelchair Basketball: Practicing Wheelchair Basketball skills

6 Wheelchair Rugby: Practicing Wheelchair Rugby skills

7 Winter Sport: Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing or Ice Sledge Hockey

Respect and acceptance of individual differences

8 A Fairy Tale: Class discussion about inclusion

9 Photo Game: Experiencing similarities and differences

10 Equipment: Obstacle course - how to use adapted equipment

11 Accessibility: Discovering the school’s accessibility

Sport as a human right

12 Table Tennis: Practicing Table Tennis skills

13 Football: Practicing adapted Football skills

14 Dance: Practicing inclusive dancing

15 Paralympic Games: Video presentation and discussion on the Paralympics

16 Quiz: Gaining knowledge about Paralympic sports and athletes

Empowerment and social support in sport

17 Athlete Story: Meeting an athlete with a disability

18 Classification: Examining functional classification in Paralympic Sport

19 Art: Reflecting through art

Please find below additional worksheets, that might be helpful for the activities:

Colouring Sheet - Dragons

Colouring Sheet - Football

Colouring Sheet - Spirit


Crossword - Teacher Sheet

Paralympic Host Cities

Paralympic Host Cities - Teacher Sheet

Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference - Teacher Sheet


Wordfind - Teacher Sheet

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