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A swimmer clenches his fists in delight after winning gold at London 2012. Schoenmaker’s return to form ahead of home Euros Dutchman Michael Schoenmaker grabbed the men’s 200m freestyle world No.1 sport in April, taking nearly six seconds off his London 2012 time. /news/schoenmaker-s-return-form-ahead-home-euros /sites/default/files/images/20140801/140801174759252_Schoenmaker.mainpicture_612.jpg
A swimmer clenches his fists in delight after winning gold at London 2012. Schoenmaker op tijd in vorm voor EK in eigen land In april werd Michael Schoenmaker wereldkampioen op de 200m vrijeslag (heren) en haalde bijna zes seconden van zijn tijd die hij zwom tijdens de Paralympische Spelen in 2012. /news/schoenmaker-op-tijd-vorm-voor-ek-eigen-land /sites/default/files/images/20140801/140801174759252_Schoenmaker.mainpicture_612.jpg
Joshua Grob Switzerland Swimming Eindhoven 2014 serves as stepping stone for Swiss hopeful For the first time in two years Switzerland sends swimmer to international championships. /news/eindhoven-2014-serves-stepping-stone-swiss-hopeful /sites/default/files/images/140801184616014_DSC_0022.mainpicture_612.jpg
Scotland's Neil Fachie and co-pilot Craig MacLean celebrate their para-cycling victory at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. July: The month in sport reviewed Take a look back at what happened in global para-sport during July, a month that featured three World Championships, one European Championships, a World Cup and the Commonwealth Games. /news/july-month-sport-reviewed /sites/default/files/images/140728183632827_Fachie.mainpicture_612.jpg
Finland's Jere Forsberg celebrates after winning the gold in the Men's Individual Compound Archery-Open at London 2012. Forsberg to face Pavlik in final Finland’s Jere Forsberg will battle it out with Slovenia’s Marcel Pavlik for gold on the final day of the 2014 European Para-Archery Championships. /news/forsberg-face-pavlik-final /sites/default/files/images/140801162320603_151193620.mainpicture_612.jpg
Man in racing wheelchair crosses finish line of a track throwing hands in the air, celebrating Weir beats Fearnley in Glasgow 2014 showdown Australia, Canada and England win medals in both the men’s and women’s 1,500m T54 at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. /news/weir-beats-fearnley-glasgow-2014-showdown /sites/default/files/images/20140801/140801104813602_weir.mainpicture_612.jpg
An ice sledge hockey player skates up to his teammate to celebrate. Stuart Lieberman: Top 10 Paralympians to interview The IPC’s Editorial Co-ordinator outlines some of the most insightful, funny and enlightening Paralympians in the world to interview. /blog/stuart-lieberman-top-10-paralympians-interview /sites/default/files/images/140528143736474_Ice%2Bsledge%2Bhockey%2BJosh%2BSweeney%2BCREDIT%2BGetty%2BImages.mainpicture_612.jpg
A picture of a woman in a wheelchair shooting between two defenders during a wheelchair basketball match. Janet McLachlan: A week in the life of World Championship training The Canadian wheelchair basketball player gives fans a quick glance at her schedule in the lead-up to this summer’s big event. /blog/janet-mclachlan-week-life-world-championship-training /sites/default/files/images/20140527/130109170128174_LON_0409_2706.mainpicture_612.jpg
Chuck Aoki Chuck Aoki: Should the US ratify the UN Convention? The wheelchair rugby player blogs about the first steps in changing perceptions in America about people with an impairment. /blog/chuck-aoki-should-us-ratify-un-convention /sites/default/files/images/140522152344919_151983042.mainpicture_612.jpg
An athlete lies on his stomach on a stability ball with both his arms stretched out to the sides holding weights. Kevin Rempel: Training with a purpose The Canadian ice sledge hockey Paralympic bronze medallist shares some of his latest training tips for the next Paralympic cycle. /blog/kevin-rempel-training-purpose /sites/default/files/images/140514110657512_Gym-Ls.mainpicture_612.jpeg
Leo Rupp at London 2012 Leo Rupp: I’ll be back The German shooter has recently announced his temporary retirement from the sport which comes as a shock ahead of the World Championships in his home country this July. /blog/leo-rupp-i-ll-be-back /sites/default/files/images/131122115058925_London%2B2012.mainpicture_612.jpg
Leo Rupp at London 2012 Leo Rupp: Ich komme wieder Der deutsche Schütze hat vor kurzem eine temporäre Auszeit angekündigt. Dies ist überraschend steht doch die Heim-Weltmeisterschaft im Juli an. /blog/leo-rupp-ich-komme-wieder /sites/default/files/images/131122115058925_London%2B2012.mainpicture_612.jpg
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