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Official website of IPC Athletics

The official Telecommunications Services partner NTT has been announced as Tokyo 2020’s very first Gold Partner. Tokyo 2020 appoints NTT as the First Gold Partner of the 2020 Games The official Telecommunications Services partner agrees deal just one year after the formation of the organising committee. /news/tokyo-2020-appoints-ntt-first-gold-partner-2020-games /sites/default/files/images/150126104452470_Tokyo%2B2020%2BNTT%2BSigning%2BCeremony%2Bcredit%2BTokyo%2B2020%2B-%2BRyo%2BIchikawa.mainpicture_612.jpg
Hannah Cockroft of Great Britain Cockroft describes “absolute killer” 800m training regime British Paralympic and world champion is enjoying the challenge of tackling a new distance. /news/cockroft-describes-absolute-killer-800m-training-regime /sites/default/files/images/150123091628837_Hannah%2BCockroft.mainpicture_612.jpg
Runner and guide run in a full stadium ECAC to add sports opportunities for para-athletes in leagues and championships Students with an impairment attending an ECAC member university or college will get the opportunity to take part in leagues and championships. /news/ecac-add-sports-opportunities-para-athletes-leagues-and-championships /sites/default/files/images/150114163656360_151424805.mainpicture_612.jpg
Classification assessment IPC to eliminate need to classify athletes at a Paralympic Games IPC hopes by introducing a “zero classification” policy no athlete will need to be classified at a Paralympic Games /news/ipc-eliminate-need-classify-athletes-paralympic-games /sites/default/files/images/20140923/140627114320946_classification.mainpicture_612.jpg
Marieke Vervoort Marieke Vervoort awarded the National Trophy Victor Boin 2014 Belgian wheelchair racer made a comeback from serious injury in 2014 and set multiple world records in the T52 class. /news/marieke-vervoort-awarded-national-trophy-victor-boin-2014 /sites/default/files/images/150122083124731_Marieke_Notwill_Luc%2BPercival.mainpicture_612.jpg
Brazilian athlete Terezinha Guilhermina with her guide IPC Athletics reveals Ones to Watch list for 2015 season Between them the 45 athletes from 19 different countries have won 69 Paralympic gold medals, 124 world titles and currently hold 64 world records. /news/ipc-athletics-reveals-ones-watch-list-2015-season /sites/default/files/images/20150121/140709141107792_120905_203121_mh_3063.mainpicture_612.jpg

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