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A Dutch swimmers celebrates winning gold at the 2014 IPC Swimming European Championships Vote now for the Allianz Athlete of the Month Best Youngster The next round of athletes is now out for the public vote after a packed month of para-sport in August. /news/vote-now-allianz-athlete-month-best-youngster /sites/default/files/images/140806230721484_Chantalle%2Bedit.mainpicture_612.jpg
Tatyana McFadden Date change for 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships The biggest para-athletics event ahead of Rio 2016 will now take place between 22-31 October 2015. /news/date-change-2015-ipc-athletics-world-championships /sites/default/files/images/20130721/130721062427460_9330391014_ed24cb3799.jpg
Richard Browne and Jonnie Peacock Ten things we learned from the 2014 para-athletics season The 2014 para-athletics season is slowly drawing to a close, so here is recap of 10 things we learned this year. /news/ten-things-we-learned-2014-para-athletics-season /sites/default/files/images/130913150310457_174715623.mainpicture_612.jpg
Martina Caironi, winces, Grosseto President speaks passionately about 2016 Euros Sandrino Porru, President of FISPES, is keen to deliver an ‘extraordinary event’ to follow the hugely successful 2014 IPC Athletics Euros. /news/grosseto-president-speaks-passionately-about-2016-euros /sites/default/files/images/140601151349298_IPC_ATH_GP_GROSETTO_20140601_LP_2004_WEB_4_3_1.mainpicture_612.jpg
A picture of a man talking IPC Vice President to take on IPC Athletics Americas Half Marathon Cup Andrew Parsons, who is also the Brazilian Paralympic Committee President, will run alongside para-athletes on the streets of Rio. /news/ipc-vice-president-take-ipc-athletics-americas-half-marathon-cup /sites/default/files/images/121008154701519_151425469.mainpicture_612.jpg
Man in red jersey with silver helmet and a Swiss flag smiling to the camera Swansea 2014 - Day 5 evening review The last session of the Swansea 2014 IPC Athletics European Championships has come to an end with many highlights /news/swansea-2014-day-5-evening-review /sites/default/files/images/140823182638978_SPW-IPCSwansea20140535.mainpicture_612.JPG

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