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Official website of IPC Athletics

A yellow mascots and blue mascot with green leaves as hair stand on top of Rio's Sugar Loaf mountain. Meet the Rio 2016 mascots Inspired by animals and plants, Rio 2016 has launched its mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. /news/meet-rio-2016-mascots /sites/default/files/images/141124081008961_Mascots.mainpicture_612.jpg
Dylan Alcott Top six stories of the week – 16-22 November Action from the football 5-a-side Worlds, banked slalom makes it debut in para-snowboard, a world record attempt and more. /news/top-six-stories-week-16-22-november /sites/default/files/images/140210082240480_464535989.mainpicture_612.jpg
A skyline with many skyscrapers in the background. Red flowers and water in the front. IPC Athletics publishes Doha 2015 Qualification Criteria Doha 2015 will feature a maximum of 1,400 athletes competing in 210 medal events. /news/ipc-athletics-publishes-doha-2015-qualification-criteria /sites/default/files/images/20141114/141029110005751_City%2B4.mainpicture_612.jpg
The sixth IPC Rio 2016 Project Review took place 10-11 November 2014. IPC pleased with “significant progress” by Rio 2016 The IPC conducted a two day Project Review with the Rio 2016 Organising Committee and left impressed with preparations for the Paralympic Games. /news/ipc-pleased-significant-progress-rio-2016 /sites/default/files/images/141112183603782_Alex%2BFerro.mainpicture_612.jpg
v IPC to count down Top 50 Moments of 2014 For the final 50 days of 2014, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will unveil the year’s best moments, culminating with No. 1 on 31 December. /news/ipc-count-down-top-50-moments-2014 /sites/default/files/images/140616122424228_SOC_140308_175843_MH_01669.mainpicture_612.JPG
The British team enters the stadium at the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Games Revolutionary Paralympics British athlete Caz Walton looks back to the Tokyo 1964 Paraympics /news/fifty-years-revisiting-tokyo-1964-paralympics /sites/default/files/images/141106145130751_Tokyo_6.mainpicture_612.jpg

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