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Official website of IPC Athletics

Stephane Houdet Top six para-sport stories of the week 9-15 November IPC pleased with Rio 2016 progress, wheelchair tennis history made, skiing retirements and more… /news/top-six-para-sport-stories-week-9-15-november /sites/default/files/images/20141110/130608100729796__RG13108_IPC.mainpicture_612.jpg
A skyline with many skyscrapers in the background. Red flowers and water in the front. IPC Athletics publishes Doha 2015 Qualification Criteria Doha 2015 will feature a maximum of 1,400 athletes competing in 210 medal events. /news/ipc-athletics-publishes-doha-2015-qualification-criteria /sites/default/files/images/20141114/141029110005751_City%2B4.mainpicture_612.jpg
The sixth IPC Rio 2016 Project Review took place 10-11 November 2014. IPC pleased with “significant progress” by Rio 2016 The IPC conducted a two day Project Review with the Rio 2016 Organising Committee and left impressed with preparations for the Paralympic Games. /news/ipc-pleased-significant-progress-rio-2016 /sites/default/files/images/141112183603782_Alex%2BFerro.mainpicture_612.jpg
v IPC to count down Top 50 Moments of 2014 For the final 50 days of 2014, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will unveil the year’s best moments, culminating with No. 1 on 31 December. /news/ipc-count-down-top-50-moments-2014 /sites/default/files/images/140616122424228_SOC_140308_175843_MH_01669.mainpicture_612.JPG
The British team enters the stadium at the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Games Revolutionary Paralympics British athlete Caz Walton looks back to the Tokyo 1964 Paraympics /news/fifty-years-revisiting-tokyo-1964-paralympics /sites/default/files/images/141106145130751_Tokyo_6.mainpicture_612.jpg
Infographic Tokyo 1964 v today Throwing events Hobby to elite How athles trained in 1964 compared to 2020 hopefuls (with infographic) /news/part-time-exercise-state-art-training-50-years /sites/default/files/images/20141108/141106123344222_2014_10%2BTokyo%2BInfographics_athletes-01.mainpicture_612.jpg

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