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Official website of IPC Athletics

Demba Jarju of Gambia competes in the Men's 800m -T34 race at the London 2012 Paralympic Games Para-athletes compete in Gambian marathon for first time Athletes competed using sports wheelchairs donated by the Agitos Foundation and other National Paralympic Committees. /news/para-athletes-compete-gambian-marathon-first-time /sites/default/files/images/20130703/130703121945054_Demba%2BJarju.mainpicture_612.JPG
5 male and female athletes in British jerseys stand and sit (in wheelchairs) next to each others in front of a black wall. Behind them is the logo: Swansea 2014. It's coming. Be part of it. Swansea 2014 wins CIPR award The Chartered Institute of Public Relations awarded gold to Swansea 2014 in the Best Sporting Campaign Category /news/swansea-2014-wins-cipr-award /sites/default/files/images/20140812/140725160153982_Swansea%2B2014%2BComposite%2BICBPOI_2.mainpicture_612.jpg
2015 IPC Anti-Doping Code cover IPC 2015 Anti-Doping Code published The 2015 Code will come into force on 1 January 2015 and be applied to Paralympic Games, sports under the governance of and recognised by the IPC and all Member organisations. /news/ipc-2015-anti-doping-code-published /sites/default/files/images/141029133558544_Anti%2BDoping%2BCode%2Bcover.mainpicture_612.jpg
10 people in a workshop around a table with one person explaining. IPC Athletics trains African classifiers 10 participants from six countries were trained in Namibia with the support of the Agitos Foundation and NIF. /news/ipc-athletics-trains-african-classifiers /sites/default/files/images/20141028/141028155124809_IPC%2BAthletics%2BNational%2BClassifier%2BProgramme%2BNamibia.mainpicture_612.JPG
UAE athletics Dubai to host the first ever IPC Athletics Asia-Oceania Championships in 2016 The Asia-Oceania Championships is expected to attract around 600 athletes from 45 countries from 3-8 March. /news/dubai-host-first-ever-ipc-athletics-asia-oceania-championships-2016 /sites/default/files/images/130326101909204_dubai.jpg

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