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Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball was originally developed by World War II veterans in the USA in 1945. At the same time, Sir Ludwig Guttmann developed a similar sport, wheelchair netball, at the Spinal Rehabilitation Hospital in Stoke Mandeville.

Since then, the sport has grown worldwide and was introduced on the global stage at the Rome 1960 Paralympic Games, and today it is practiced in nearly 100 countries.

It is designed for athletes who have a physical impairment that prevents running, jumping and pivoting.

Men and women play on teams of five players each and the measurements of the court and the height of the baskets are the same as in able-bodied basketball.

International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF)
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Address 70 Dunkirk Drive, #203 - Winnipeg, MB, (Canada), R2M 5R4
Phone +1 204 632 6475
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