The International Paralympic Committee is the founder of the Agitos Foundation. Registered and based in Bonn, the governance structure of the Agitos Foundation has been constructed in accordance with German law, with an Executive Committee and a Board of Trustees.


Our Executive Committee comprises up to five members, two nominated from the IPC Governing Board, the IPC Chief Executive Officer and up to two further appointments. This body is responsible for all operations and legally represents the foundation.

Chair Rita van Driel (NED)
Member Duane Kale (NZL)
Member Mike Peters (USA)
Member Dr. David Steel (USA)
Member Jen Browning (USA)


Our Board of Trustees comprises up to nine members, five nominated from the IPC Governing Board and up to four further appointments. The IPC President chairs the Board of Trustees and it operates to provide strategic direction and oversight of the foundation’s mission and operations. 

Chair Andrew Parsons (BRA)
Member Yasushi Yamawaki (JPN)
Member Leonel da Rocha Pinto (African Paralympic Committee)
Member Mohammed Alhameli (UAE)
Member Muffy Davis (USA)
Member Chutinant ‘Nick’ Bhirombhakdi (THA)
Member Vicky Bruce (GBR)
Member Alex van Holk (NED)
Member Prof Sock Teo-Koh (SGP)