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Proud Paralympian will empower you as a Para athlete with the knowledge and resources that will help you in your development during and after your sporting careers, thus contributing to the IPC’s vision: To enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world.

Your life as an athlete requires balanced training, a commitment to fuelling your body properly and following the rules of fair-play.

In your life outside sport, you need to find a balance between your personal and professional lives, and gain the tools to take your skills beyond your competitive career.

As an active citizen you can make a difference by changing perceptions, contributing towards a more inclusive society by redefining the limits of what is possible.

Proud Paralympian aims to help you do this and more!

How to be a Proud Paralympian?

Know it! Live it! Share it!

1. Know the Paralympic values and foundation of the Movement.

2. Respect your body and its limits.

3. Say no to doping.

4. Always give your best on and off the field of play.

5. Respect the rules, opponents and fans.

6. Be skilled in social and traditional media.

7. Have a dual career strategy.

8. Be a role model for everyone.

9. Know, understand and stand up for your rights.

Proud Paralympian relaunched at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Athletes who registered to receive information about Proud Paralympian will receive regular updates about activities and ways to get involved in the future.

#ProudParalympian can also be followed on social media.

Facebook: /ProudParalympian

Twitter: @ProudPara

Instagram: @ProudParalympian

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