IPC Powerlifting World Championships
6-12 April


The 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships returned to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the second time in what was the sixth edition of the event.

2010, Kuala Lumpur

The World Championships returned to Kuala Lumpur and attracted 292 athletes from 49 countries. Multiple world records were broken at the Titiwangsa Stadium in Kuala Lumpur’s Titiwangsa Park.

2006, Busan, Republic of Korea

Less than 10 years after the first world championships were held in Uppsala, Sweden, the numbers of athletes entering IPC Powerlifting World Championships nearly doubled in size by this point, including significant increases in female participation. 12 world records were broken in Busan across junior and senior competitions.

2002, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The third world championships started somewhat of a fascination between powerlifting and Kuala Lumpur. With 234 athletes competing in the city’s badminton club from 49 countries, Kuala Lumpur begins its love affair with powerlifting in this year.

1998, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

269 athletes, including women for the first time, gathered in the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates for the second world championships.

1994, Uppsala, Sweden

The first world championships were held in Uppsala, Sweden and featured 137 athletes.