Course maps and videos published for Tyumen World Cup

Check out the challenging courses biathletes and cross-country skiers from around the world will be facing from Wednesday (2 December) in Russia. 29 Nov 2015

The organisers of the opening IPC Biathlon and Cross-Country World Cup of 2015-16 have published drawings and videos of some of the courses skiers will face in Tyumen, Russia, from Wednesday (2 December).

The challenging terrain that lay ahead is located at the Pearl of Siberia regional winter sports centre.

Standing and visually impaired athletes will ski on courses with a maximum height of 108m whilst sit-skiers will climb to just over 90m.

The on-board video footage shows the skiers perspective of the courses, skiing out of the main stadium into the wooded trails beyond.

Both the 2.5km and sprint sit-ski courses shown in the videos begin with a gruelling ascent deep into the woods. What follows are various short climbs and descents designed to challenge even the most experienced athletes.

The courses end with downhill descents back into the stadium area, where biathletes will take aim.

The World Cup will feature both biathlon and cross-country competitions between 2-9 December.

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