Endurance racing with Ihor Reptyukh

Ukrainian Nordic skier will be competing across biathlon and cross-country at the Cable 2015 Worlds and offers his advice on how to stay competitive. 17 Jan 2015
Ukrainian Ihor Reptyukh skis at Sochi 2014 followed closely by a competitor

Ukraine's Ihor Reptyukh hopes to improve on his performance at Sochi 2014 in the 2014-15 season.

Ⓒ© Luc Percival Photography

"Never stop working during training"

Ukrainian Nordic skier Ihor Reptyukh chooses to spread himself across both biathlon and cross-country events, even at major international competitions.

Since winning biathlon gold in the 12.5km men’s standing at the 2013 IPC Nordic Skiing World Championships, Reptyukh started racing in cross-country.

At the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, he fulfilled his ambition to compete in no less than seven events in total, winning silver in the 4x2.5km cross-country open relay.

Find out how he does it, with five top tips from the man himself.

1. Inborn physical strength and talent, healthy heart, muscle system, metabolism, etc. Health conditions should be used smartly.

2. Training during the whole year period, between training camps, at home - always training.

3. Never stop working during training, not sitting and doing nothing, chatting, resting, etc.

4. Smart recovery after the hard work of competition is also extremely important.

5. Creating competition conditions even at training. Then I can practice everything during training and only repeat it in competitions.

Reptyukh will be competing at the 2015 IPC Nordic Skiing World Championships in Cable, Wisconsin, USA, from 23 January – 1 February.