IPC Athletics World Championships
19-29 July

Lyon 2013 - Day five athlete quotes

Here's what the athletes had to say during day five of the IPC Athletics World Championships 24 Jul 2013

Men's 5000m T54

Gold medallist - Marcel Hug (SUI)

"I am really happy, it's been an interesting race, the pack stayed together but at the end I had a better sprint. I am back at my best level, I am in a very good shape."

Women's 100m T37

Gold medallist - Mandy Francois-Elie (FRA)

"I am euphoric, it has been another really tough race, I made it with the amazing support of the crowd. My family and friends were here to support me and it gave me the strength to do it. I hope to gather more gold medals, I can't wait for the next Olympics in Rio."

Men's 100m T 46

Gold medallist - Michal Derus (POL)

"I am just happy, it was a very tough finish. But I am the winner finally for 0.03". Congratulations to all my competitors. "

Men's 100m - T34

Gold medallist - Walid Ktila (TUN)

"It went alright, I missed my start a little bit though and my Australian rival was very close. I was here to win and I went full speed in the last 40 meters. I am going to focus now on the 800m I am racing tomorrow because I want to bring another gold medal for Tunisia."

Men's 1,500mT 38

Gold medallist - Michael McKillop (IRL)

"I did a very good season and it paid off. I am quite happy and proud of me. I have to be concentrated for the upcoming events now."

Women's 100m T38

Gold medallist - Sophie Hahn (GBR)

"I cannot believe it, I am so happy! I need to thank my coaches, without them it would not have been possible. I cannot wait to go home and tell all my friends I did it !"

Men's 200m - T38

Gold medallist - Evan O'Hanlon (AUS)

"I'm so happy, I had such an incredible speed level today! I also had quite a good feeling before the race started, so I did my best. I'm quite exhausted right now, but very proud for Australia"

Men's 200m - T53

Gold medallist - Brent Lakatos (CAN)

"I took a very fast start cause I was really determined to win this race. I just can't believe I earned another gold medal, I trained so hard for it. Looking forward for the two other races, quite confidently."

Men's 200m - T54

Gold medallist - Kenny Van Weeghel (NED)

"At the beginning of the race, I hoped my arms would go as fast as possible. During the race, I've been slowed down by my friend that slided a little bit, it was quite scary but we avoided the crash. I'm happy for the gold medal, but felt less powerful than in London. Still 100m to go, hoping for another gold medal!"

Men's Javelin Throw F54/F55/F56

Gold medallist - Luis Zebeda (MEX)

"The other athletes were very competitive so it pushed the level up which is always a good thing. I am totally satisfied with my performance. It is my best appearance on a worldwide championship. I am also thankful for the organisation who made this event possible and made a success out of it."

Women's Club Throw F31/32/51

Gold medallist - Maroua Ibrahmi (TUN)

"I am very happy, it was wonderful to win the gold medal. I feel confident for the next event, the shot put on Friday. I hope to win another medal!"

Women's shot put F11

Gold medallist - Asunta Legnante (ITA)

"It's never easy to win a contest you have to fight against the measure. I am quite disappointed because I thrown under 17 meters, I had technical issues with the put, it is actually too small for my hands. The sooner it will be fixed the sooner I'll set a new world record."