Wheelchair Dance Euros Set to Begin in Israel

17 Oct 2009 By IPC

The first day of classification has finished its rounds at the 2009 IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport European Championships in Tel Aviv, Israel, which are taking place through 19 October.

Most of the teams have arrived and are in Tel Aviv ready to compete in their respective competition. A total of 110 athletes from 14 different countries will be competing in Israel, which is 20 athletes more than the previous European Championships in 2007.

IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Manager Athena Charitaki said the feedback from the competing teams as been positive regarding the operations, transportation and accommodation.

“The first day of classification was smoothly concluded and the teams will be having their first training session in the competition venue,” Ms. Charitaki said. “The dance floor is very big and the venue creates a nice feeling for Wheelchair Dance Sport competition.”

Competitions will include the Combi Standard classes 1 and 2, Combi Latin classes 1 and 2, Duo Standard classes 1 and 2 and Duo Latin classes 1 and 2. The organizer of the event is the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of Israel, and coverage in Tel Aviv will come from both BBC and Israel TV5.

Wheelchair Dance Sport involves athletes with a physical disability that affects the lower limbs. Wheelchair dancers may participate in "combi"-style dancing with an able-bodied (standing) partner or duo-dance for two wheelchair users together.

In 1998, Wheelchair Dance Sport became an IPC Championship Sport, but is not part of the Paralympic programme today. It is governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and co-ordinated by the Wheelchair Dance Sport Technical Committee, which incorporates the rules of the International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF).