Wheelchair Dance Sport STC Meets in Bonn

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Wheelchair Dance Sport Technical Committee (STC) conducted its annual meeting in Bonn, Germany. 27 Jan 2010 By IPC

Taking place from 22-24 January, the Management Team of the IPC met with STC members to discuss plans for 2010, as well as for the next three years regarding competitions and education opportunities for adjudicators, classifiers and coaches.

Several topics held much of the discussion including the business plan, classification, development, the International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) c-ooperation, licensing programme and education. Additionally, competitions were also reviewed and discussed. Competition information is updated on regular basis on the IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport website calendar.

Members who attended the meeting included Chairperson Grethe Andersen, Vice Chairperson Nobuko Yotsumoto, Head of Classification Dorit Sharet, Head of Competition and Officiating Corrie van Hugten, Head of Technical Control Konstantin Vasilyev and IPC Powerlifting Sport Manager Athena Charitaki.

More detailed information with upcoming competitions, including the 2010 IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport World Championships will be provided this week.

For more information on Wheelchair Dance Sport, please visit www.ipc-wheelchairdancesport.org.