Wheelchair Dance Sport Topic at WDSF Adjucator Congress

25 Aug 2010 By IPC

The WDSF Adjucator Congress 2010, held in the Hotel Maritim Stuttgart, Germany, saw Wheelchair Dance Sport as one of the major topics of the event.

IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Technical Committee Chairperson Ms. Grete Andersen from Norway and Head of Competition and Officiating Ms. Corrie van Hugten from the Netherlands were attending the congress, presenting the development and organization of Wheelchair Dance Sport, as well as competitions and classification. They were supported by Wheelchair Dance Sport World Champions Hanna Harchakova and Igor Kisilou from Belarus, who demonstrated and assisted during the presentation.

The audience was asked to try and handle a wheelchair themselves to get a feeling for the complexity of spinning a wheelchair and dance with a partner.

Based on an agreement for collaboration between WDSF and IPC from 2008, which focuses on competition coordination, adjudicator and classifier education courses and joint promotion, the congress in Stuttgart discussed the principals of the judging criteria, such as aim, music, movement and technical rules, choreography, presentation and charisma.