IPC Sends Condolences to Family of Paralympic Hero Manfred Kohl

15 Sep 2011

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has expressed its condolences to the family of Manfred Kohl who passed away on 9 September after losing his battle with cancer.

Kohl, a four-time Paralympic gold medallist (1988–2000) for the German Standing Volleyball team, was one of the most successful Paralympians ever in a team sport. He also served the Paralympic Movement in several ways.

He was an elected athlete representative, first at national level as chairman of the Athletes Committee of NPC Germany (1986 – 1994) and later at the international level as member of the IPC Athletes Committee (1992-2000). In his capacity as Chairman of IPC Athletes Committee he also served as a member of the IPC Executive Committee (1997 – 1998).

Sir Philip Craven, IPC President, said: “I would like to pass on the most sincere condolences from my wife, Jocelyne, myself and the whole Paralympic family to one of our movement’s greatest champions in the broadest of senses.”

In 2001, as a licensed volleyball coach, Kohl acted as a coaching advisor for the development of the Standing Volleyball programme of NPC Cambodia, financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Culture & Education.

On the professional level, he worked as the Programme Manager for Athlete Classification for the Sydney Paralympic Organizing Committee (SPOC): (1999 – 2000) and as Section Manager of NPC Relations & Services for the Athens Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (2002 – 2004).

He leaves behind his wife, Jennifer, and his daughter, Jasmin.