The cases for the medals of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games have been designed in the shape of seeds, symbolising the courage, perseverance and development of Paralympic athletes. The seeds form an infinite rising spiral, representing the energy and continuous growth of the competitors. The cases and the spiral have been inspired by the Paralympic motto “Spirit in motion”.

The Paralympic medals all contain a surprising sensory innovation. Medal winners can not only kiss and bite their medal, but also shake it. Each medal contains a tiny rattle that jingles when shaken, providing a new way for Paralympic athletes to celebrate their success. The gold, silver and bronze medals all produce different sounds.

These are the medals athletes will compete for at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.
The medals of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
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The Brazilian Mint has incorporated the principles of sustainable design into the production of the medals. The gold of the gold medal has been produced completely without the use of mercury. In the silver and bronze medals, 30 per cent of the material used is recycled.

In the ribbons for the medals, 50 per cent of the PET plastic comes from recycled sources. The medal cases, and all of the paper used, bear the certification mark of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®). This guarantees that the wood and paper come only from forests that are managed according to the highest standards of sustainability.