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Official website of World Para Swimming

    Swimming Rules and Regulations

    Swimmer with yellow swimp cap jumps of the blocks. Daniel Dias at the 2015 IPC Swimming World Championships in Glasgow. © • © Luc Percival Photography. All rights reserved.

    The sport of Swimming for athletes with an impairment is governed by the IPC, and co-ordinated by the World Para Swimming Technical Committee, using the International Swimming Federation’s (FINA) modified rules.

    The 2014-2017 World Para Swimming Rules and Regulations can be found in the pdf link to the left hand side.

    World Para Swimming acknowledges, and is grateful for, the support and input received from the World Para Swimming Community in preparing these Rules and Regulations through the:

    IPC Swimming Forum 2013

    • Informal meetings held with the community at various competitions

    • Revision done by the former and current STC members

    The major changes to the 2011-2014 IPC Swimming Rules and Regulations are as follows:

    • Recommendations passed by the World Para Swimming membership at the 2013 Sport Forum, incorporated where applicable

    • Alignment with the wording of FINA Swimming Rules and their interpretation is made, such as:

    o Only records achieved at competitions with AOE or semi-AOE are recognised, until swimmer was wearing a swimsuit as per the rules

    o Stroke cycle is defined in freestyle and backstroke

    o Touch at turn and finish in breaststroke and butterfly

    o Arm movement in butterfly

    o Mixed relay

    o Adjustable back plate and adjustable starting platform for backstroke

    o Clear clarification on athlete having 2 caps and advertising on the caps

    • Minimum age of 12 years has been identified to enter in IPC Swimming competition

    • The list of events is updated

    • The protest and appeal procedure clearly explained

    • Classification references aligned with the IPC Swimming Classification Rules and Regulations and IPC Handbook (see Change of Sport Class)

    • The World Para Swimming Strategic Plan is referred to

    Please note that if there are any changes (e.g. changes in FINA rules, or classification related matters), the 2014-2017 World Para Swimming Rules and Regulations can be amended before 2017. Proper notice of any changes will be given.

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