Duo Latin Class 2 | 2016 IPC Wheelchair Dance sport Asian Championships

Includes Paso and jive

See also https://youtu.be/D26cipZNE88

Kuo and Huang doubled their podium haul with gold in the duo Latin class 2. Hung and Lin sealed the silver. Kazakhstan’s Malika Muktarova and Raushanbekov were third

1 Kuo Wen-Sheng郭文生 & Huang Yi-Jung黃 Chinese Taipei
2 Hung Tang-Chin洪當欽 & Lin Hsin-Yu林欣 Chinese Taipei
3 Muktarova Malika & Raushanbekov Dastan Kazakhstan
4 Mangi Shinya & Otsuka Kayoko Japan
5 Lin Chun-Hung林浚宏 & Lee Su-Jung李淑Chinese Taipei