One of the strategic priorities in Para ice hockey is to increase the number of nations practising the sport. Through various development programmes World Para Ice Hockey strives to introduce the sport to as many countries as possible. The countries currently named as widely and regularly practising Para ice hockey can be found here.

A group of 12 people posing for a selfie picture next to an ice hockey rink

Expanding the women’s Para ice hockey programme is crucial for gender balance and for the development of the sport. Through the 2013 Grant Support Programme, World Para Ice Hockey received grants for a women’s development programme. In 2014, development camps were held in Europe and North America. The continuous development saw Green Bay, USA host the first-ever World Para Ice Hockey Women's World Challenge supported by Citi in 2022.

Youth development is another strategic priority for World Para Ice Hockey. For the development and expansion of Para ice hockey on a national and international level, it is imperative to continually bring young players into the sport and develop their skills. Therefore World Para Ice Hockey works towards the development of younger Para ice hockey players so as to strengthen national programmes while at the same time introducing new players to the sport. 

Over the last years Para ice hockey has developed and promoted and has gained good awareness in many countries. One of the aspects that adds on to this growth is the concept of having a competitive balance which keeps up motivation and the strive for excellence. One of the ways for maintaining competitive balance is to introduce the sport to more young players by strengthening national team programmes and organising development camps.

In order to assist existing A and/or B-Pool countries in their efforts to recruit new and young athletes in order to ensure their continuity at the highest level of our sport, World Para Ice Hockey has supported teams through training camps. Host city of three World Championships, Ostrava in Czech Republic held a development camp in December 2021.