Collaboration Between IPC Shooting and ISSF

24 Aug 2010 By IPC

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Shooting has been informed by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) that the ISSF Executive Committee has agreed on a future development and improvement of the relationship between the ISSF and IPC Shooting.

Sharing a common view about the future of the sport of Shooting, the ISSF and IPC Shooting will work together on the path of harmonization of the international shooting sport scene.

While the ISSF and the IPC Shooting will remain two separate realities, acting independently in mutual respect, further collaborations between the two institutions will be developed in the field of coaching, judges’ certification, championships’ organizers workshops and regulations.

Following the decision of the ISSF Executive Committee, a respective Memorandum of Understanding is currently being prepared and will be signed by both organizations in the upcoming weeks.

Shooting is governed by the IPC and co-ordinated by the IPC Shooting Technical Committee following the modified rules of the ISSF. These rules take into account the differences that exist between Shooting for the able-bodied and Shooting for persons with a disability.