Eindhoven Reviews IPC Swimming World Champs

01 Sep 2009 By IPC

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) recently visited Eindhoven, The Netherlands, to review the site for the upcoming IPC 2010 Swimming World Championships.

The visit was a co-ordination meeting between the IPC and the Local Organizing Committee in Eindhoven, which included Tournament Director Henny Smorenburg, Operations Manager Yvonne Tamminga, Communications Manager Niels Cannegieter, as well as other members. Representing the IPC were IPC Swimming Sports Manager Agnes Szilak, Marketing & Broadcasting Senior Manager Alexis Schaefer as well as Chief Executive Officer Xavier Gonzalez.

The main topics discussed included communications, sponsorship, and broadcasting and management issues. In addition, the venues were visited, including the E3 Beach and the indoor competition venue.

Ms. Szilak said that the meeting was a chance to go over questions many months ahead of the competition. “The competition takes place in August 2010, however the Local Organizing Committee has been positively taking steps to ensure a successful event,” Ms. Szilak said.