Football 5 referees trained in Italy and Colombia

IBSA also released an unofficial Spanish translation of the new rules. 06 Feb 2017
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The International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Football Committee have organised seminars in Europe and South America to train referees and released an unofficial Spanish translation of the new rules for the sport.

IBSA Football Referees Coordinator Elias Mastoras delivered the seminar in Italy, with the presence of eight local referees and several football 5-a-side players from Bari and Lecce.

In Bogota, Colombia, Referees Advisory Group member Mariano Travaglino conducted another referee course, organised by the Blind Sport Federation of Colombia to increase the number of football 5 referees in the country and update them with the new 2017-2021 rules.

Around 30 referees took part in the course, which included theoretical and practical sessions. Classroom sessions involved videos and images, followed by on-pitch sessions simulating the referees' placements, movements and ways to communicate with players during matches.

The referees also had the chance to put into practice the knowledge they had picked up in different matches between local teams.

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IBSA Football Committee Referees Advisory Group also released an unofficial Spanish translation of the new rules, which is available online.

The translation was made by Spain’s experienced football 5 referee Luis Perez Macias.

The IBSA Football Committee encourages anyone interested in translating the rulebook into other languages in order to further develop refereeing and bring about a greater understanding of the rules worldwide.

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