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24 August - 5 September 2021

IPC completes Paralympic Orientation Seminar for Tokyo 2020

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has today (Monday 20 January) completed a two-day Orientation Seminar with officials regarding the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in the Japanese capital city. 20 Jan 2014
Tokyo 2020 Orientation Seminar

Tokyo 2020 Orientation Seminar


"In 2020, Tokyo will become the first city to stage the Paralympic Games for a second time and, having seen what they presented in their Bid Book, Tokyo 2020 has the potential to be the best Games ever.

During the two-day seminar which began on Sunday (19 January) the IPC, led by its Vice-President Andrew Parsons and Chief Executive Officer Xavier Gonzalez, gave a background to the history of the Paralympic Movement and the evolution of the Paralympic Games into the world's third biggest sporting event. The structure of the IPC, which acts as the international governing body of the Paralympic Movement, was also presented and key objectives discussed.

Attendees also learned more about the Paralympic brand and were given an introduction to the strategic approach to Paralympic communications.

An overview of Paralympic sports, an introduction to inclusion and legacy opportunities and information about key requirements and timelines was also given over the course of the two days. Discussion on co-ordination processes and transfer of knowledge towards delivering a successful Paralympic Games also took place.

On Saturday (18 January), prior to the start of the seminar, the IPC delegation received an extended venue tour of many of the sites that will host Paralympic competition in 2020.

Andrew Parsons, who also serves on the IOC's Co-ordination Commission for Tokyo 2020, said: "The three extremely productive days, which included the seminar and venue tours, are the start of a six-year long relationship and transfer of knowledge with the organisers which we hope will culminate with the staging of the best Paralympic Games ever in 2020.

"All members of the IPC delegation were impressed with the infectious enthusiasm and eagerness of those who attended the seminar to deliver a highly successful Paralympics and I would like to thank Mitsunori Torihara and all who were present. We look forward to a strong working partnership in the years to come.

"Between now and the Games, we have a superb opportunity to raise the profile of the Paralympic Movement in Japan and Asia. Through working with the organising committee and NHK, who will broadcast the 2014 and 2016 Paralympics, we are confident this can be achieved."

Mitsunori Torihara, President of the Japanese Paralympic Committee, said: "The Orientation Seminar held with the International Paralympic Committee has been an enormous help to us in our early preparations to host a superb Paralympic Games. It covered a wide range of topics about the tasks the Organising Committee will face during the next six years.

"I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Andrew Parsons, Xavier Gonzalez and the fellow members of the IPC delegation for the outstanding quality of the seminar. The meetings we had during these two days were extremely fruitful and were the first steps of what I am sure will be an excellent and productive collaboration between the IPC and Tokyo 2020.

"Some 220 participants took part in the Seminar and we all learned a great many lessons about the challenges inherent in hosting the Paralympic Games. Throughout our preparations, we will exert our utmost efforts to further raise awareness of the Paralympics in Japan and to ensure that Tokyo delivers a Games that will serve as a platform to showcase and reinforce the Paralympic values of determination, inspiration, courage and equality.

"Following Tokyo 2020's success in winning the Games last September, this seminar acts as the starting gun to preparations for the Paralympic Games that will be staged in the city in six years' time.

"In 2020, Tokyo will become the first city to stage the Paralympic Games for a second time and, having seen what they presented in their Bid Book, Tokyo 2020 has the potential to be the best Games ever.

"This seminar is the first action of a long-term comprehensive Knowledge Management programme that is now available from the IPC for Paralympic Games organisers."

Representatives on behalf of Tokyo 2020 who will attend the seminar will include members of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan Paralympic Committee, Japan Sport Association, Japan Sport Council, National Government and National Federations (Tokyo 2020 Games Programme Sports). At the beginning of the seminar on Sunday (19 January) Tokyo 2020 will outline their Paralympic vision and present their Paralympic Games bid commitments.

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be held from 25 August to 6 September 2020.