IPC Shooting Meets ISSF Judges Committee

02 Feb 2011 By IPC

Representatives from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Management Team and the Sport Technical Committee (STC) of IPC Shooting met recently with the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Judges Committee to explore their future collaboration in Munich, Germany.

Taking place from 29-30 January 2011, both committees discussed in more detail the clauses in the Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed in November 2010, as well as how referee courses could be co-ordinated in the future.

IPC Shooting Sport Manager Athena Charitaki said: “It was a very fruitful meeting. It was realized once more during the meeting that both organizations have common interests in several areas and that such collaboration could be beneficial for both organizations.”

Additionally, both organizations discussed in detail the ways of exchanging and sharing information with their communities. Accessibility matters were also discussed, as well as items which centred on preparations for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

In August 2010, IPC Shooting was informed that the ISSF Executive Committee agreed on future development and improvement of the relationship between the ISSF and IPC Shooting.

While the ISSF and the IPC Shooting remain two separate realities, further collaborations between the two institutions continue to be developed in the field of coaching, judges’ certification, competitions organizers and workshops.

Shooting for para-athletes is governed by the IPC and is advised by the IPC Shooting Technical Committee following the modified rules of the ISSF. These rules take into account the differences that exist between Shooting for the able-bodied and Shooting for para-athletes.

For more information about IPC Shooting, please visit www.ipc-shooting.org.