IPC Shooting World Cup Begins Friday

30 Sep 2010 By IPC

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Shooting World Cup starts tomorrow, 1 October in Aylesbury, Great Britain.

Held for the first time in Great Britain, a total of 75 athletes from 14 different countries will be competing in the Paralympic Sport through to Sunday 3 October at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium. Being the birthplace of the Paralympic Games, the event is certain to help broaden the knowledge of Shooting for athletes with a disability amongst the nation.

Countries who will be competing include Australia, Austria, Cypress, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Thailand, USA and Venezuela.

The organizations involved in staging the event aim to create awareness and promote real talent and opportunities for people with a disability. This in turn, they hope, will persuade people with a disability to try out Shooting for themselves as well as other sports that they would have perhaps not have experienced before.

Event Director John Timms said: “I feel very proud to be part of this programme. It is a great opportunity for able-bodied children and children with a disability to not only try something new but also to learn more about Paralympic Sport. I hope that this encourages children to take up shooting as a sport and maybe even generate enough interest for a new shooting club in Aylesbury to open.”