IPC Swimming Classifiers' Education

23 Mar 2011

For the very first time International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Swimming organized a certified classifiers’ training and Educators course. The course was offered for official IPC Swimming Level 1 and Level 2 classifiers only. Both courses were a pilot one in IPC Swimming's history, and from now on more courses of this kind are scheduled to be organized.

Taking place from 14-19 March 2011 in Bonn, at IPC Headquarters, the course invited classifiers to work together with the IPC Academy Trainers to ensure that different regions have a certified Educator who can further help the region's education of classifiers.

The purpose of the course was to ensure all classifiers are familiar and are working aligned with the IPC Swimming classification procedures, rules and regulations. The IPC Swimming Classifiers' course is compulsory for all classifier to maintain their certification.

The IPC Academy is the education arm of the International Paralympic Committee. It is a partnership of the IPC and World Academy of Sport with its headquarters based in Manchester, UK.