IPC Swimming Ready For 2010

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Swimming Sport Technical Committee (STC) conducted its first meeting of the year in Bonn, Germany, from 29-31 January. 01 Feb 2010 By IPC

The three days of productive meetings gave the IPC Management Team an opportunity to meet with STC members to discuss the success of 2009 and look ahead to this year and the upcoming competitions. Some of the major outcomes included a revision of the IPC Swimming Rules and Regulations and the appointment of officials for the 2010 IPC Swimming World Championships in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

In addition to creating an Activity Plan for 2009, the IPC Swimming STC went through several different topics like Technical Officials pathway, education, classification, manual update, Anti-Doping, and revision of the functional classification system in all disability groups. Plans to achieve these goals in the next year were also set.

More detailed information with upcoming competitions, including this summer’s 2010 IPC Swimming World Championships in Eindhoven, will be provided in the coming weeks.

For more information about IPC Swimming, please visit www.ipc-swimming.org.