IPC Athletics World Championships
19-29 July

Lyon 2013 - Day eight athlete quotes

29 Jul 2013
Lyon 2013 men's 4x100m relay T42-46

Lyon 2013 men's 4x100m relay T42-46

ⒸF. Perville

"We wanted to be strongers than the Brazilians, and we're leaving with the gold and a World record, fantastic!"

Men's 400m T 12

Bronze medallist - Hyacinthe DELEPLACE (FRA)

"I did a very good race, I felt confident at the very beginning and then Egor was very closed but thanks to the supporters and the public I kept running as fast as possible. Besides, the weather conditions were not really good but I gather a bronze medal that means a lot for me and for my team. I thank my coach and all the people who were clapping and encouraging me."

Men's 400m T52

Gold medallist - Raymond Martin (USA)

"I did what I expected and I am really proud of it. I have been training a lot for the 400m since London and today it has paid off! I have just finished the first year of my degree and even if it was hard to conciliate my training and the course I did well! I keep training hard every day in order to be better every season."

Men's 400m T34

Gold medallist - Walid KTILA (TUN)

"Fantastic! This is the 4th Gold medal I won! Actually I was training harder for this race because it is a special race for me. It was a really tough finish with Rheed but I was faster today. I am really proud even if I wanted to break the world record, the wind was an impediment for everybody today!"

Women's 400m T53

Silver medallist - Shirley REILLY (USA)

"I am excited, it was my last chance to go home with a medal, and I made it! It is silver but I am totally satisfied, it is my season best. The finish was so close, I had to check on the screen which position I ranked !"

Men's 4x400m T53/54

Gold medallist - Canada

"The wind made it even more difficult, but the conditions are the same for everyone. We have been training together as a team for the last 4 years, so we were pretty confident. We had our strategy with our T53 starting first who did a very fast lap and even though we were second, we know we would cross the line first. This is about teamwork."

Women's 100m T46

Gold medallist - Yunidis Castillo (CUB)

" I feel great but this race has been extremely tough and I had to be positive and faster in the last 20m. It was very hard because of the heat and the wind so I cannot really break records as expected, but I am very happy. "

Women's 100m T42

Gold medallist - Martina Caironi (ITA)

"I did not have any feeling before the race started. 20m before the finish line, I saw the German was a bit tired and I took the lead. I'm satisfied even if I expected top be under 15 seconds."

Women's 200m T44

Gold medallist - Marlou van Rhijn (NED)

"I'm so proud! It has been the hardest race, we were really close to one another. I have the feeling my competitors are getting stronger, and this is a great perpective for the future."

Women's 200m T11

Gold medallist - Terezinha Guilhermina (BRA)

"Amazing! I'm very satisfied with my 3 gold medals, even if today's time is not so good compared with my training. I'm leaving full of confidence for the meeting in London where I'll do the100m race."

Women's 200m T35

Gold medallist - Oxana Corso (ITA)

"I am so moved today, I spent 2 months without beeing able to train because of an injury and I finally win the gold! I wish I could have done a better time but with the wind today, it was not possible."

Men's 4x100m T35-38

Silver medallist - South Africa

"We have no excuses, everybody's tired and today the Russians have clearly been the bests. We apologise for our fans, even if a silver medal is not that bad!"

Men's 4x100m T42-46

Gold medallist and world record holder - USA

"We were all exhausted of the week we spent here in Lyon, but we wanted to go back to the USA with a last gold medal and it's all done! We wanted to be strongers than the Brazilians, and we're leaving with the gold and a World record, fantastic!"