New technology at sitting volleyball World Championships

The 2014 Sitting Volleyball World Championships in Elblag, Poland, are seeing new initiatives and technology used to enhance the game. 21 Jun 2014
Russia-Brazil sitting volleyball

Wescley Oliveira of Brazil comes on for Giovani De Freitas during the men's sitting volleyball quater-finals match against Russia

By World ParaVolley

The 2014 World ParaVolley Sitting Volleyball World Championships are currently taking place in Elblag, Poland, and around the court there are a number of new initiatives being done to further enhance the matches and the promotion of the sport on a global level.

Firstly, ParaVolley Athlete Bloggers have been blogging throughout the competition and sharing their experiences online at a special website.

Additionally, for the first time in the history of the sport, the local organisers are using a ‘drone’ to capture images and footage from the sky. The ‘drone’ is a remotely controlled flying device, almost inaudibly moving around the courts and over the spectator tribunes.

It has captured some great footage in the CSB hall and the spectator Fun Zone. Click here for an example video of the drone in action.

Thanks to these recordings, all of the events during the Championships can be seen from the bird's-eye-view.

In addition to this, the recently launched World ParaVolley Sitting Volleyball Education programme, namely VolleySLIDE, has been working tirelessly with the local organiser to promote the competition through social media as well as capturing footage from all sorts of different angles for future research and promotional resources.

They will be then looking to further enhance their collection of resources in the future to aid more people with transitioning from Volleyball to Sitting Volleyball as well as using them to access new markets.

The teams finishing first and second will be the first athletes to qualify for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, not only for sitting volleyball, but across all sports.