Para dance stars and newcomers shine in Genoa

Brazil make statement with seven medals while Russia and Ukraine dominate most of the classes in the season-opener World Cup in Italy 08 Jun 2021
A group of nine people in wheelchairs with 12 people standing behind them posing for a picture with trophies in front of them
Team Ukraine with their trophies at the end of the three-day Genoa 2021 World Cup in Italy
By Ana Lucia Picasso| For World Para Dance Sport

Ukrainian and Russian multi-medallists, and Brazilian newcomers were among the stars at the Genoa 2021 World Cup in Italy. The first Para dance sport international competition ended on Saturday (6 June) marking the opening of the Road to the Ulsan 2021 World Championships. 

Genoa 2021 had the participation of 82 Para dancers representing Poland, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Italy, Brazil, Slovenia and Kazakhstan. 

A total of 21 events were contested: 8 singles, 6 combis, 6 duos and 1 junior. 

Ukraine and Russia top medal standings

Ukrainian and Russian dancers had staggering performances, earning over half of the World Cup medals, positioning their countries in the top. 

Ukraine’s star couple Oleksandr Onishchenko and Olena Chynka conquered multiple medals as a duo but also in solo events.  They took home two golds (duo freestyle and Latin class 2) and one silver (duo standard class 2). 

Chynka also won one gold and one silver in single events women’s conventional and freestyle class 2 while Onishchenko secured another silver with partner Svetlana Onopa in the combi freestyle class 2 event.

Russians Igor Davydov and Galina Ryzhkova were unstoppable as each of them claimed three golds and one silver. Davydov alongside his long-time partner Iuliia Davydova took gold and silver in their events (duo freestyle and Latin class 1).  

He also triumphed in his two single dances (men’s conventional and freestyle class 1). 

Galina, together with multi-medallist partner Maksim Sedakov, finished first in the duo standard class 2 category. Partnering with Nikolai Gapon, she took one gold and one silver in the combi freestyle and Latin class 2. 

There was more to come in the single dance, with Galina winning another gold  in the women’s freestyle class 2. 

Brilliant Brazilian

Brazil was another country with a lot to celebrate in Italy. With a total of 12 dancers in the delegation, the Brazilian team secured seven medals, claiming the third position in the medal standings. 

Hosts Italy achieved remarkable results with silver medals in the duo Latin class 2 with Marco Galli and Laura Del Sere, and in the combi standard class 2 with Federico Parri and Linda Galeotti.

Kazakhstan’s Yermek Kalimbetov won three bronzes and Aigul Balmagambetova two bronzes, being the most awarded dancers of their country in the competition. 

Complete results can be found here.

“Congratulations to the athletes who represented their countries with pride and staged the routines they have been practicing for months, most of them from home,” Camila Rodrigues, World Para Dance Sport Manager said.

“This competition gave athletes the opportunity to showcase their talent after almost two years due to the coronavirus outbreak. World Para Dance Sport would also like to thank the LOC and all partners and stakeholders for a fantastic event,” Rodrigues added.

Prague, Czech Republic will host the next competition in the Road to Ulsan season on 14 and 15 August with the Prague 2021 International.