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7-18 September

Rio 2016 ceremony auditions get street flavour

Skateboarders, roller skaters and hip-hop dancers strut their stuff as the battle for places intensifies. 06 Dec 2015
Auditions for Rio 2016 ceremonies
ⒸRio 2016/Felipe Varanda
By Rio 2016

Hip-hop dance, skateboarding and roller skating — the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Rio 2016 Games are set to bring a taste of urban street culture to the Olympic and Paralympic Movements next year. More than 100 performers from these three youth cultures showed off their skills at a special audition session held 21-22 November.

Rio 2016 produced a YouTube video to give a behind-the-scenes look of the auditions.

Saturday (21 November) was hip-hop day, with three groups putting on shows for the selectors. Cazul, which was only formed seven months ago, joined Cia Movimento Underground, whose members performed in the 2007 Pan-American Games ceremonies, and Revolução Urbana de Arte (RUA). Each put on their own two-minute choreography and also performed the test steps, set by choreographer Renata Vieitas.

Sunday saw the skateboarders and roller skaters in action, and Fernanda Cavalcante, assistant choreographer to Deborah Colker, said.

“Every day in these auditions we are being surprised,” Colker said. “The hip-hop was incredible, very professional. And the skaters did not get left behind – these auditions are showing that the country has rhythm and dance in its blood.”