Technical Officials training through online education Hub

World Para Powerlifting creates platform to provide continued professional development opportunities 09 Jul 2020
A woman with a control in her hand to judge Para powerlifting competitions
Technical Officials can continue to practice Para powerlifting technical rules through an online platform
ⒸHiroki Nishioka for World Para Powerlifting
By World Para Powerlifting

World Para Powerlifting has created an online community platform to centralise communications and provide education activities for Technical Officials around the world.

The “Technical Official Hub” was launched in April and is part of World Para Powerlifting ongoing efforts to provide educational tools and continued professional development opportunities to Technical Officials.

Activities available on the Hub such as “Judge the Lift” are supporting Technical Officials in having consistent interpretation of the Technical Rules and Regulations, while the “Discussion Forum” is helping answer different questions.

“Learning is a lifelong process and it continues for a Technical Official after a course or between competitions,” said Dillon Richardson, World Para Powerlifting Performance and Development Manager.

“The Hub is helping the Technical Officials train and prepare for a competition like the athletes do,” Richardson added.

In a season in which the competition calendar has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hub has also been important to continue building teamwork and keep Technical Officials active – together with initiatives such as the Online World Cup Series.

“The Technical Official Hub is not only an information and education database but a centre of professional effectiveness and development," said International Technical Official (ITO) Ekaterina Lisova from Russia.

"Thanks to its creation the ITOs now can constantly improve their professional skills and knowledge even from their homes. A large variety of activities allow to study something new, to ask for advice, to express opinions on controversial issues, to share ideas and exchange experience. Finally, this is just a great opportunity for Technical Officials from the whole world to keep in touch together and feel like a part of the community that we call our World Para Powerlifting family," Lisova said.