Visually impaired shooting Grand Prix to be held

IPC Shooting has announced that a Grand Prix event as part of the development of visually impaired shooting will be held in Stoke Mandeville, Great Britain, between 28-30 January 2015. 01 Dec 2014
Visually Impaired Shooting test event

Visually Impaired Shooting test event at Suhl 2014


IPC Shooting announced on Monday (1 December), that a Visually Impaired (VI) Shooting International Grand Prix will be held on 28-30 January 2015 in Stoke Mandeville, Great Britain.

The competition is being organised as part of the ongoing development project for VI shooting and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.

The Grand Prix will consist of events for both 10m air rifle standing (60 shots, mixed event) and 10m air rifle prone (60 shots, mixed event), with finals held in each.

Sarah Bond, IPC Shooting Sport Manager, said “This competition is essential to the development of visually impaired shooting.

“The principle of this competition is to not only to gather international VI athletes to showcase and observe the current status of VI shooting, but also to both enable the start of the necessary data collection by a designated research team who are tasked to develop a sport-specific classification system for VI shooting.

If the development project is to be successful a sport-specific system of classification must be established.

The event will also feature an exhibit and demonstration of the current progress of the development of new prototype technical equipment and rules and regulations by IPC Shooting.

Further information and entry details for the 2015 VI Shooting International Grand Prix can be found at the IPC Shooting website.

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