World Para Powerlifting Championships
12-20 July

About Nur Sultan 2019

a night time view of Astana

Kazakhstan's capital city Astana has been renamed Nur-Sultan in honour of the country's former President

ⒸAibek Akhanov

The venue

The 2019 World Para Powerlifting Junior and Senior Championships will be held at:

Astana Congress Center

Astana 020000


The Congress Center was opened in June 2017 as part of the EXPO 2017 Astana.

It hosts a variety of events including conferences, forums, sports and cultural sessions.

The building is known for its unique transparent roof which fills the centre with natural light.

The host city

Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana) is a modern city with a favourable environment attractive for tourists and comfortable for residents and guests of the Kazakh capital to live in.

The horizon-less Akmola steppes have long been the place for various civilizations and cultures to meet and intertwine.

The medieval ancient settlement of Bozok, found five kilometres from modern Astana, can rightly be called a millennial predecessor of the Kazakh capital.

Almost two hundred years ago, in the early part of the 19th century, in these steppes, on the site of Akmola village was founded the city of Akmolinsk to serve as a military, commercial and economic centre.

Due to virgin land reclamation in the 1960s Akmolinsk was renamed Tselinograd (“tselina” means “virgin land”).

The historical name Akmola was returned to the city in 1992. When the city was granted the status of the Kazakh capital on May 6, 1998, it was named Astana, which means “a capital”.

The city was renamed Nur-Sultan in honour of former President Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev in 2019.

Thus, the ancient city of able craftsmen, skilled tradesmen and industrious farmers became the centre of political, public, social and cultural life of new, democratic sovereign Kazakhstan.

Today Nur-Saltan is not only a country’s major administrative centre, located at the intersection of major development networks of the country. It is the city-leader, setting the pace in the innovative development of Kazakhstan.

What should you start exploring Nur-Sultan from? Surely, you should start from the Bayterek, the capital’s symbol. The monument embodies the Kazakh people’s idea of the universe.

The tower construction symbolizes three universe bases – underground, earthly and heavenly worlds. At the depth of 4.5 metres, there is the lower level housing café, aquariums and mini-gallery “Bayterek”.